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     The article written by Tom Bawden discusses the plummeting hedgehog population in Great Britain. A new study has put the number of hedgehogs below one million, over a third lower than in 2011. Rapid urban development seems to be the main issue. Hedgehogs live in large grasslands and hedgerows, but new developments and infrastructure are fragmenting these areas of habitat. The fencing of land and gardens has also made it difficult for the animal to find food.

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In the article “Why the World is saying “no” to the North Pole” published in The Globe and Mail, it is stated that the countries surrounding the North Pole are signing an accord to prohibit commercial fishing in the Arctic Ocean.  Indeed, 40% of this ocean is accessible during the summer.

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This article written by Daniel Tencer suggests that the predicted diminution of population growth for the upcoming years will affect Canada’s economy.             Over the passed 50 years, the world population increased by 125%, passing from 3.2 to 7.2 billion. In the next 50 years, the population is expected to increase by only 40% to reach 10.1 billion according to the article.

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