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Popular game franchises such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto have been the source of controversies for over ten years now. Parents have long wondered what they can do to stop their kids from playing these games that feature an ever increasing quantity of violence which has been getting more realistic every year. Their fear is that prolonged exposure to guns, shooting, killing, stealing and other acts of violence in a video game can lead to similar acts of violence outside the virtual world.

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On February 3, 2017, the Globe and Mail released it’s twenty-month long study on unfounded sexual assault cases which revealed that police forces through out Canada had dismissed one out of every five cases as “unfounded” between the years of 2010 to 2014. Unfounded is a classification used by police forces to close a file that is deemed “baseless.”  A story was shared about a young woman named Ava and her experience in reporting a sexual assault which happened in 2010 while attending University in London, Ontario.

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      The issue of abortion has long been a major moral dilemma. Do the needs of the parent justify the killing of an unborn being? Although abortion should not be encouraged or abused, women should have the choice to an abortion as there are cases where it is morally acceptable. Some say you are committing murder which is wrong no matter what the context is. Others don’t consider unborn fetus as living beings, therefore believing it isn’t murder. What is often overlooked is the needs of the mother whose life is drastically altered by the decision to have an abortion or not.

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Since we are little, we are aware that we are lucky to have the lifestyle we live daily. We also know that other kids in poorer countries cannot have this chance. Indeed, on January 18th 2016, Oxfam published a report about inequalities and poverty worldwide. This report reveals that more than 25% of the money made in United Kingdom annually is in fact owned a thin percent of the British population.

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Chris Dugan, a former U.S. soldier recruited in high school at the age of 17, presents what he learned about military recruitment tactics during his service. He explains how U.S. recruitment officers need to recruit new soldiers any way they can in order to climb the ranks. The most successful recruiters often change their methods based on a person’s interests but most fall back to one tried and tested tactic, presenting the idea of becoming a ‘real’ man. 

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“When sexy meets smart, your small business scores”. This is what Go Daddy, a website about purchasing domain names, shared to the world during their 2013 Super Bowl commercial. This might not look like a provocative statement, but wait until you see the ad and you will start to feel very uncomfortable.

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Many people think that having more money leads to happiness? Is that really true?  

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