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Growing up in a community where the majority of the people are a certain race—one not of your own—can be very difficult. In some scenarios, being a different race from the community isn't really something pointed out, however in others, people sometimes make it known that your background is not the same as theirs. In the documentary Somewhere Between (Goldstein Knowlton, 2011), a film about four different girls and how their lives have been after being adopted in the U.S. because of China’s “One Child Policy”, being identified solely by your race in a neighborhood is pretty common. The documentary highlights many of the ways that race was the first, if not the only, thing some people saw when looking at an Asian girl in a White community.

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In the article found on BBC News, entitled ''Reforming China's gulags'' written by Damian Grammaticas, we learn about the China's re-education camps, which were initially put in place in 1950. These camps are like prison, but to go through your ‘’sentence’’ you must do labor. There are many guards that are constantly watching over you, and walls and watchtowers are surrounding the place.

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The article China's Philippine aid controversy, published by the BBC on November 14th, 2013, puts in light the controversial situation that arose following China’s initial announcement that it would give (only) $100,000 in aid to the Philippine victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Following an international outcry, Beijing later added an extra $100,000 to the balance via the Chinese Red Cross, before finally upping his bid to $1.6 million. Yet the spark was lit and there to stay.

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Music is one of the most powerful forms of media depended on by people of all ages, and in my opinion, teenagers in particular. Just a simple melody can evoke such raw emotion and in many cases, help clarify feelings that a person can’t express in their own words. R. MacDonald’s findings of the effect of music on the mind prove that music can actually be used in a medicinal manner. It can have such an intense effect that it can actually calm feelings of anxiety, and increase tolerance to physical, mental or emotional pain.

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The article When change comes to Bangladesh, published by the Toronto Star on October 24th, 2013, puts in light the situation of the garment factories’ workers in this country, following the collapse of the Rama Plaza factory, which caused the death of 1,129 workers last April.

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Police force today in the world is very common the point of this study is to try and examine what type of force causes the most civilian’s complaints and injuries. Also to see what type of academy training causes what type of excessive force.

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According to an article* published in the French newspaper La Presse the eighteenth of October, Ottawa wants to eliminate parole for serious crime recidivists. Rooted in the political platform of the Conservative Party of Canada since 2006, this bill could be achieved in the upcoming months. The Speech from the Throne was the moment chosen by the Conservative cabinet to put out of the dust this project. Canada’s minister of justice, Peter McKay, commented the future bill by saying it would only apply to the most violent and dangerous recidivists.

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Ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, controversy currently emerges in Brazil. Somewhat in the same vein as the first one I summarized, the CBC article Brazil protests show cost of hosting major sports events, posted on June 29th, 2013, explores and presents the downside of hosting such worldwide, mega-happenings.

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Students cheating their way through the learning and education system.

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The article Why Russia's Sochi Olympics are now a battleground for gay rights, posted by CNN on August 10th, 2013, describes and explains the controversy that has emerged following the adoption by the Russian parliament of what is considered to be an “anti-gay” law. The law in question, signed by Russian president Vladimir Putin and brought under the spotlights in the perspective of the forthcoming 2014 Sochi Olympics, prohibits “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors”.

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According to an article published the Sixth of August, 2013 in the Globe and Mail, France is debating on extending the ban around the Muslim headscarf to its universities. In fact, complete veiling of the face is already forbidden in public places in France since 2010. The ban is also applicable to Muslim headscarf in the public schools of the country since 2004 in order not to influence young children.

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