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Julian Robinson, from Daily Mail online, has published an article about an honor killing case that occurred last month in India. The article mentions a father that killed his daughter with a meat cleaver after finding out that the boyfriend was caught in his house with his daughter alone. After the horrifying murder, the father took the body of his daughter and left on the doorsteps of his daughter’s boyfriend. The father was arrested and will be prosecuted.

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The reinforcement of gender roles are found in every aspect of our society (music, fashion, television, advertisements, sports, etc.) with the same message being badgered into our minds over, and over, and over again. The message so frequently conveyed that women are supposed to be fragile, weak, feminine, sexy, but not too slutty, not only impact women who are being pressured to fit into these constricting categories, but also encourage men to be dominant and lustful over women.

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The Responsibility to Protect   There is a moral dilemma in the field of international politics that questions whether or not a state that has the ability to intervene in conflicts within other states has the responsibility to intervene and does that change when these conflicts involve the abuse of human rights. Here, we will specifically be looking at military intervention. Going against relativism, I will be arguing that nations do indeed have a responsibility to intervene however, only when human rights are in jeopardy.

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