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An article released by the CBC titled “ Will escaped Atlantic salmon survive – and thrive – in B.C. waters?” discusses the issue of thousands of Atlantic salmon escaping from a salmon farm in Washington State. Nets containing over three hundred thousand Atlantic salmon were damaged releasing an unknown number of fish into the B.C. waters. The issue here is that Atlantic salmon are not native to British Columbia and there is uncertainty as to what effects these escaped fish will have.

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UNESCO issues warning about Wood Buffalo National Park due to dams, development. In March of 2017 UNESCO released a report warning Wood Buffalo National Park about the environmental health of the park. The report listed energy development, hydro dams and poor management as the cause of the danger. The issues were raised first by the first nations who were concerned about the water levels. The water levels were so low that they became impassable which halted the navigation of the rivers which is a crucial to the first nation culture. B.C.

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