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In light of the course and its designated subject matter, the article “Tim Uppal, Multiculturalism Minister, Victim Of Racist Incident” in the Huffington Post’s Canadian Branch from the 9th of September, 2014 details how Tim Uppal and his family were the victims of a racist incident. Taking to Twitter, he had this to say: “"So this actually happened tonight...A woman leaving the tennis court looked at me and my wife and said 'are they members? Why can't they play in the day - they don't have jobs'.

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In the article “Obama says comments reportedly made by Clippers owner are 'incredibly offensive' and 'racist'” in the Huffington Post, by Julie Pace, the reader is introduced to the Donald Sterling case, and the reactions it got from various people after its presence in the medias. In April, Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and millionaire business man told his girlfriend that she was embarrassing him by posing on Instagram with a black man. He then told her that she shamed him by bringing “black” people to the basketball games of the teams he owned.

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           The article “A National Inquiry For Aboriginal Women Should Not Be a Partisan Issue” written by Carolyn Bennett at the Huffington Post on July 22 this year, denounces the present Canadian Conservative government’s lack of concern towards the social problems affecting it’s Indigenous population. Over the last decade, hundreds of aboriginal women and girls have gone missing or been killed, nonetheless the Harper government has refrained from initiating a national public inquiry.

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Television and media today is almost entirely controlled by men. What we see on television is filtered far too much, women are told how to dress, how to look, and what to say to the general public. This gives little room for the younger generations to explore their own desires, thinking they need to have the perfect shape to achieve success in life. The media giants have even gone as far as to keep the women reporting or speaking on air from doing a normal job.

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