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A lot of cultures around the world are discriminatory towards women. The oppression of a patriarchal society resulted in sex discrimination. Too often, girls get discriminated before they see the light. Sex-selective abortions, occur when a fetus has the undesired sex. All around the world, there is demographic gap of 24 million missing girls (Sex Selective Abortion). This issue is dominant in countries of Asia as in China or India.

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From someone who never had to defend his sexuality, it might be hard to figure out why Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities take so much importance into claiming their rights and equality. Legalization of LGBT marriages and unions is something relatively new, or not achieved yet, and is subject to various controversies. Resources of today, such as media, help LGBT communities to get out from the shadow, express their opinions and claim for their rights, whether news are showing LGBT people with a positive of negative connotation.

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No doubts, fundamental beliefs can be a fragile subject. Some conflicts can occur when these values contrast, since our life choices are based on these values and beliefs. The attack on the satiric journal Charlie Hebdo has been really controversial. One thing is sure, both of the parties did not use the most delicate way to express their disaffection towards each other’s beliefs.

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              As some of you might have heard, a Starbucks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia temporarily banished women from entering the store. A sign put on the door said: “Please no entry for ladies only send your driver to order thank you.” This has been a shock for the majority of the world and women from all around are protesting and talking about boycotting Starbucks by solidarity.

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