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I have decided to do my volunteer work with an organism related to homelessness. After doing some research on the volunteer opportunities close by, I chose to contact the Accueil Bonneau situated in the old Montreal. This organism has as a goal to welcome any homeless person or anyone who is at risk of homelessness by daily journeying with that person in responding to his basic needs and helping him achieve a better quality of life and well-being. The work I did there was to serve the people who came to have a lunch during the second service of the day.

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In the article called “Colby Cosh: The magic of ‘ending homelessness’ — and ending up with more” by Colby Cosh in the National Post on March 21st, 2016, the author comments on the state of homelessness in Canada, more particularly in Edmonton, Alberta. The main highlight is that this winter has been a very busy one for the homeless shelters, even if this winter was not as harsh as the previous years. Plus, the staff working in these shelters reported a 42 per cent increase in outdoor sleeping.

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Accueil Bonneau is a foundation situated in the old port of Montreal, Quebec. The goal of this non-profit organization is to provide help to homeless people of Montreal. The kind of help available touches a lot of sectors. For example, they have a cafeteria service each day. Homeless can also go buy clothes a lot cheaper than in any other place in the Accueil Bonneau. Health services are also available However, I think that the most important aspect of this foundation is the fact that the usual volunteer can help the homeless by listening to them.

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Over the years, the car industry and the public transport services have evolved to suit the always changing societies on the planet. A new way to serve people in need of a ride has appeared six years ago in San Francisco. It is a revolutionary system since everyone can take the place of the driver and it is renowned to be cheaper than usual taxi services. This relatively new company is called Uber.

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Since the first stories about the allegations of physical and sexual abuses by priests started to surface in the late 1980s in Canada, a lot of new cases started to appear in the news. A new case just came up in the Montreal Gazette but this time, it is about the compensation to a newly identified victim. In the article named Victims of Catholic brother will be compensated by Paul Delean, it explains that an out-court settlement has been made between the Catholic brother Jean-Paul Thibault of the congregation Frères de Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde and the victims.

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              As some of you might have heard, a Starbucks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia temporarily banished women from entering the store. A sign put on the door said: “Please no entry for ladies only send your driver to order thank you.” This has been a shock for the majority of the world and women from all around are protesting and talking about boycotting Starbucks by solidarity.

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Topic & Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue   The topic of this paper is the Great Depression of 1929. This paper will be analytical only. It will show what are the main causes for the Great Depression to occur and how it impacted the western world. Finally, this paper will show how the Great Depression was solved mainly in terms of economic policies implemented using economic theories.  

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    The topic which will be presented in this paper will be the problematic of obesity in the North American realm (Canada, USA). This paper will have an analytic approach, analysing the causes of this relatively new issue and the negatives effects on the population. Also it will have a comparison approach looking at differences between the two countries. The paper will also discuss multiples ways to prevent obesity.  

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One of the most controversial subject in the United States these days is the importance for the people to possess a firearm. One of the reason of this issue is the uprising in mass shooting in schools and public places. In an article from the Montreal Gazette by Michael E. Miller published on January 26, 2016, the reason for the debate is well depicted. On January 21st 2016, Dane Gallion, a 29 years old man from Seattle went in a restaurant, drank a 22-ounce beer and afterward, went to a cinema to see 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

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According to Caroline Plante’s article from January 15, 2016 “Quebec City patient obtains medical aid to die” from the Montreal Gazette, a first patient in the province has obtained a medical aid in order to die in an hospital of Quebec City. Furthermore, it has been one month since the law Dying with dignity has been put in place.

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On January 19th, 2016 an article from the Montréal Gazette written by Linda Gyulai titled, “Coderre hired pal at $670 a day to work for city in negotiations with police” was published, shedding some light onto some of the monetary issues that the Québec people may face as a result from their governments careless spending. The city of Montréal hired the friend of Mayor Denis Coderre as a “labour negotiation consultant” and decided to pay him upwards of $650 a day to do said job.

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A huge controversy in the western world is, uber vs. cab. Uber is an alternative to calling a taxi cab. Its an app that you can download that gives you the ability to call a driver at your fingertips. Instead of paying the driver at the end of your trip your credit card is connected so you can get right out. The fee is even have that of a cab. Ultimately uber is convenience at its finest, which is only bad for one group of people, taxi drivers. Recently in Toronto a protest has been going on trying to ban uber, ran by cab drivers.

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The article which I’ve chosen is not the one which stand out most, or is most intriguing. Instead I chose which I believe to have the most importance. The author discusses the issue of masculinity in the media and how it is portrayed. To back up their point the author simply turned to national polls where 10-17 year olds were asked questions about programs they see. Over half of the sample TV shows reported violence, 74% of males in programs displayed behaviors such as ridicule, lying, aggressiveness or defiant acts.

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 According to Merriam-webster, “Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights of women”. Feminism seems to be a good idea, but not everything has been fine. Some feminism advantages are: The women have gain equality. The women are able to participate in elections. The women are able to speak in public. The women are able to demand their rights.  

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