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Don’t look now, but China has its own demographic dilemma written by Linda Nazareth demonstrate the lack of young people in China, in other words, the population of China is aging which creates a lot of economic problems. After the Second World War II, there was a major baby boom in China which means that less and less people work because they are older, therefore, less Chinese pay the taxes from employment income since a lot stop working at a certain age and depend on the government to help them with money as they do not have jobs anymore.

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This article discusses the aftermath of the disastrous typhoon that hit the Philippines. This disaster created a lack of sanitation, fresh water, and emergency health teams, lead up to many deadly diseases, such as cholera, malaria, hepatitis, and typhoid fever. It has been said that the chances of leptospirosis and polio making a comeback to the country is very high.

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In The harsh realities of electric vehicles in China written by Michael Vaughan on Globe and Mail, the author demonstrates the rareness of the nice weather in China because of the pollution and smog in the air. It is mostly because of the abusive use of cars producing pollution from the carburant. There are a lot of people living in China which means that more cars are used and there is even more traffic. China is trying to do the Five Year Plan to change from fossil fuel to electric energy for the cars.

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An important social issue is approached in the Article of BBC News about women security. In India, rapes were current and brought huge protest during recent months. Surya Velamuri, Else Disilva, Saloni Malhotra and Aditya are four professionals who created the website providing a "crowd-sourced" map of sexual harassment, demonstrating safe and unsafe across Indian cities. This website is an interactive map allowing participation of women in the entire world of the most unsafe places across Indian cities.

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  The prosperity of a country depends of how the development of the country. In Brazil most of the citizens don’t have the chance to because they can’t fully enjoy a great educational system.Accroding to BBC news, over the past 20 years, the number of citizens attending school is increasing but yet it is still not enough to remove its place from the rank of the less educated place in the world.  

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In the article Canada, EU unveil 'historic' free-trade agreement for The Globe and Mail, Paul Waldie explains that the free-trade agreement would be beneficial for both Europe and Canada. Mr. Harper adds that it is surely one of the important good deals they have made in the past few years. This agreement is about removing many tariff rates, trade between foreign countries and encourage the labour movement. This means that 98 per cent of the tariffs in Canada and Europe will be completely abolished.

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 In the article found on Le Devoir, the author describes a major problem that is happening in Quebec these days. The Government, in other words, the Premier Pauline Marois, has forbid its employees to wear any religious objects. This being said, the law banned Muslim headscarf, Jewish skullcap, Sikh turban, and large Christian crosses. Pauline Marois believes that this is necessary for society to function in neutrality. Many people are offended by this decision and have been manifesting in the streets of Montreal lately to demonstrate their anger.

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Mathieu Fortier                                                                                                                                      September 13   Italy's unemployment rate going up  

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The article “Russian lawmaker wants to take children away from gay parents” written by Gabriela Baczynska is all about homosexual discrimation. It has only been a few years that homosexuality is legalized in Russia, more specifically in 1991. Obviously, there are still people in Russia who think homosexuality is wrong and that it is a mental problem. Some Russians even think homosexuals should be prosecuted; therefore, according to them, homosexuality should be abolished.

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There are many causes for the dropouts in school but instead of thinking in the bad way, there are solutions that could have a great impact on the un-motivated people in school. That is why that, in order to decrease the dropout rate, the use of solutions for dropout prevention should be put into practice by the government.

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