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To the Dragons, I’d like to present an ethical project that concentrate is effort more to their employees and community than giving everything they got to environmental project or any other kind of ethical project. The idea is simple; try to take care of our own background before playing in others!  

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“Why I chose to be in business administration”. First of all, I’ve always been attracted to the business world and I wanted to know how it really worked. I’ve switched in different college programs but I was never satisfied until I signed in “Business administration”. I am also pursuing a music project and some of the knowledge I’ve obtained in business is curiously helping me in my project.

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Hi everyone,

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At first, I had no idea towards which field of study to go for because I did not know what I wanted to do as a living. I thought wisely and figured that I should choose a program that would be useful in life no matter what domain I would make a career in. Assuming that I am a person who has good leadership, who is comfortable at making critical decisions and has no problem  working with others, I figured, why not begin with Business Administration? This program touches many areas of specialization like Marketing, Management, Finance, Information Technology, International Business etc.

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