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Over the last three decades, coral biodiversity and cover have decreased significantly and are in danger. We might not think that coral reefs are that important, but in fact; they contribute to many things such as sustaining fisheries, protecting coast and tourism. Every year, the goods and services provided by coral ecosystems contribute to approximately 30 billion US dollars. This is why the increasing trend of coral bleaching and mortality needs more attention. It was found that these two phenomenon are directly related to changes in temperature and human activities.

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Indeed, the increasing mass of electronic waste is becoming the fastest-growing waste stream on the planet. This is due to the very rapid flow of new products that are put on the market everyday, which encourages consumers to always buy new devices and get rid of their old ones. In 2014, the Global quantity of E-waste generated was 41.8 million tonnes and may rise up to 65.4 millions in the current year. The number of chemical elements that can be found in E-waste goes up to about sixty and may contain lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, etc.

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