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When one does wrong, a quick and harsh punishment is usually seen as the most effective method in order to ensure that it does not happen again. However, in some cases, a long-term solution is the better option. Indeed, when it comes to drug abuse, long term solutions have been proven to be more beneficial for, not only, the drug abuser himself, but for society as a whole. The correct way to eliminate drug abuse, once and for all, is to, not cover it up with punishment, but to solve it with treatment.

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The Green Party brings big emphasis on the issues of poverty. In fact, their goal is to reach zero poverty. They want to assure that not one individual has to live without food, shelter or medicine. In a matter of fact 1 in 7 Canadians currently live in poverty. Since this is a major issue that needs to be solved, “The Green Party [...] propose[s] a guaranteed livable income for all [which will allow] everyone to live in dignity and be fully included in society,” says Richard Walsh, Green Party Candidate and co-founder of the local action group Alliance Against Poverty.

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Unfortunately, it is ever so common to hear stories concerning animal cruelty. Whether it is in the form of physical abuse or emotional neglect, these are elements that greatly affect an animal’s mental and physical health. Shockingly, there exists animal abuse towards masses of animals of the same species. Indeed, dolphins are an example of this very statement as they are slaughtered yearly in Japan, earning them a quite lucrative business.

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An animal’s primary instincts are to eat, kill, reproduce and ultimately survive. It is no secret that if an animal feels scared or menaced, they will defend themselves using any measures necessary. In fact, many reports have been made about animal attacks on humans. However, what about the animals whose natural instinct is to defend humans? Indeed, dolphins have been shown to defend humans from shark attacks countless times throughout the years.

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The fashion industry is a really hard industry. This industry have many parts, plus size, child, sport etc. One thing sure if you want your brand to get bigger you have to be able to fit many categorie of customer in it but what happen when one of the famous brand CEO start to criticize a certain categories of person?  

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A myriad of athletes worldwide are continuously working towards this one goal that is to make it to the big times. However, only a limited amount of these competitors are privileged enough to achieve that objective. Amongst those athletes, some become exemplary role models, making selfless gestures and consequently providing hope for those less fortunate. Hockey player, Pk Subban is indubitably one of those athletes as he continuously performs acts of kindness and reverence on the ice, as well as, in everyday life.

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In our day and age, one regularly hears heart-warming stories concerning influential figures performing philanthropic acts. These acts sometimes follow natural catastrophes or tragedies. These celebrity-types are in fact in a position to provide aid to those less privileged whether it be financially or otherwise. In fact, Pk Subban is an appropriate representation of this benevolent and giving character.

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Sleeping is the key to everything in life.  Sleep can be considered like food to the brain. What happens to you when you don’t eat? You become moody, angry, tired, which might affect your athletic and academic performances. Not having a good rest or sleep is the same pattern. It can affect your social life, your emotions, your performances and can be very dangerous for your body. The brain is the organ that functions when you sleep. He is the one that needs the rest.

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Athletes regularly train themselves mentally and physically in order to be in their strongest state. In today’s society, there are so many sports related products constantly being advertised by various companies who want to sell worldwide. One of the most recurrent one is sports drinks. On a daily basis, we are being bombarded with the latest sports drink, guaranteed to work wonders on our energy levels. However, are they the best method to use when one is feeling exhaustion?

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In our day and age, one is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to become, as well as remain, healthy. An extremely popular and incontrovertible approach that people use to do so is being involved in different sports. Indeed, sports have long been a way to stay active, entertain and more. In fact, sports have numerous beneficial effects on a social and academic level and of course, on your overall health.

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Hockey is our Canadian national sport. It’s a sport that gathers most people to forget our differences and to focus on cheering on our teams. From Sept. 17 to Oct. 1, 2016, after 12 years of absence, the World Cup of Hockey is back in Toronto and the format looks promising.   The press conference was held on September 9th at the Air Canada Center, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Some of the best players in the world were gathered around NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and the NHLPA.  

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