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  Humans consume more and more because of all the publicity that are done. The strategies that are used to make people buy are better and better. The tendency that is growing so fast right now is the online marketing, but since it is a new strategy people do not use it properly. There are some steps that need to be done to make sure that the campaign will work: the study of the competitors and the market, the name of the brand, the social media chosen and the final evaluation.  

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Reading a news report is not as easy as it looks. A lot of people may think that it is the easiest job a journalist could ask for, but it takes a lot of preparation and work to perform well when the camera turns on. The anchorman will need to prepare himself and follow these six steps: watch the news but also read the news, practice speaking aloud, record himself, learn to read from distance and avoid speaking with familiar language and the using of words such as “ch”, “and” and “uh”.   Step 1: Watch the News

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During the last presidential campaign in the United States, an article written by an individual with Republican ideologies illustrates Hillary Clinton’s relationnist being arrested because of the famous email scandal. Thousands of internet users shared on their social media walls an information that was sadly fake. Seeing this phenomena proves that it is primordial to learn the characteristics and the clear definition of fake news. So, the reader would be able to spot fake news, develop his curiosity and establish research concerning specific facts.

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