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The subject of my final research paper is the environment, more precisely the ocean’s pollution. I talked about what are the effects of these polluted oceans on animal, humans and climate change. As you can see in my research, firstly ocean’s pollution has huge effects on animals. There are many activities that we can do to protect our waters towards the animal’s preservation. If we killed their habitats, they won’t be able to be healthy because of the pollution that destructs where they live.

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The main issue explored is transparency in the Canadian government. More specifically, exploring the idea that transparency in the government isn’t always the best and that some things such as the predicted interest rates should not be released to the public. This essay is about how transparency might seem very appealing but can also lead to bad things. It explores various negative causes of transparency and brings up examples in which this occurred in other countries. Government transparency isn’t always good.

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    The environmental crisis is affecting the four fields of the planet. We are talking here about the atmosphere, the lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the biosphere. They are closely related to one another and have huge effects on human beings. Hydrosphere is a field, which is really disturbing actually and this disturbance will keep growing if we do nothing.  

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    Oceans are constantly more and more polluted since the past centuries. There are huge impacts related to the pollution of our oceans. We can notice these effects on humans, animals and climate change. The climate change is really disturbing for all human beings and that is why I found important to write about it.  

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Global warming is a huge aspect in everyone’s life right now. Why? Because it touches and harms every single human being on this planet. Do we need to do something? Absolutely! Before beginning to search for information about how to stop it, we should instead try to find information on how did the danger created itself.  

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                Putting on your pair of skates and going to the ice rink with you family and friends is something most Canadians grow up doing during winter time. A place where people have outside hockey games or just enjoy having a little skate. Great memories come from our hockey experiences on ponds or outdoor ice rinks. But will the future generations coming get the chance to witness the great Canadian tradition of playing hockey outside during our cold seasons?

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  Through the years, many species were endangered. The population of many animals have been in decrease and this will continue in that way, mainly if we don’t do nothing to improve. The extinction is directly related to the environment’s crisis. Do you think about Polar Bear as extinction species? As you will see in this article, we will talk about the protection of Canadian Polar Bear’s.  

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  As a way of improving the environment’s crisis, we are making little actions to help that out. For most of us, those actions are recycling or daily easy actions. But what if you can help to environment a little bit further? What if we would be more engaged to the planet’s survival? One of the things we must start to carry about primarily must be the ocean’s health, as you will see in this article.  

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We all hear that glaciers are melting and that they are increasing the volume of water in our seas. But we never hear the statistics and how much ice there is left on earth. We only know that if we do not stop polluting, we will be completely immerged by water and that many islands are going to disappear from the map.

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    We are living in a society of overconsumption. We think about material goods most of  the time, when we talk about overconsumption. It’s important not to forget that it’s attributable to food also. As we will see in the present article, eating meat destroyed the environment.  

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  Compost is a more common lifestyle than it was at the beginning. It’s appreciated because it’s a little action, which is helpful for the environment. We are just changing the garbage where we use to put our aliments. After that, it’s easy to maintain and not really demanding. We should do compost because, as we can see in the article,  it has many benefits.  

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Hurricanes, tornados, tropical depressions, increasing temperature (and the list goes on…). These catastrophes are all a products of one same problem: Global Warming. Our planet is literally degrading. NASA, National Geographic and other important environmental institutes are, at this very moment, trying to calculate precisely when is the day D.

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  The famous Hannah Montana, the idol of all little girls isn’t the same signer anymore. She wanted to erase this image of a teenager and she did it more than expected. With her video clip of We Can’t Stop she has just began on her anti-hannahmontana. After, she did an inappropriate performance at the Video Music Awards, who isn’t ready to be forgoten. We will see why. in the present article.  

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  When we think about Birkenstocks, we are thinking about hippies. What if I announced you that Birkenstocks are now back on trend? Who would trust that fashion and comfort exist in a same pair of shoes? At our surprise, this article showed that 2013’s trends include Birkenstocks.  

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  Soon, iPhone 5c and 5s will be released. This will create a real change in the world of cellphones and technology. It will also affect the protection case industry that will be able to make billions of dollars by protecting phones. Apple took that opportunity and decided to make their own official cases.  

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      Counterfeiting is not the best way to save our money. When we talk about counterfeit goods, we think of articles who are less expensive than the real product. In fact, the only advantage to buy knockoffs is that. Otherwise, counterfeiting production exploits child, can be harmful for our health and the quality of these is inferior to the real product. Why waste our money on buying counterfeits?  

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    People always want the new generation of phones. The phone’s companies are creating new phones, they’re all in competition, to get the best modal. When it’s not BlackBerry, it’s Iphone, or Samsung. This article will talk about the new Iphone 5s or 5c. Is the Iphone 5s more performant then the 5? That’s what I will talk about in the present article.  

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         Do you remember how your life was without Facebook? What you used to do when you had nothing to do other than go on Facebook? Well it seems that in today’s society if you don’t have a Facebook account your different and you don’t fit in. Yes Facebook has its positives, like communicating with friends, watching funny videos like vines etc. But have you ever thought about the negative effects Facebook can have on an individual?  

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    Parents learn to their children how to accept themselves the way they are. Sometimes they have difficulties with that because of all the publicities and the media. They are showing a modal of woman the tall and thinner. Why are we showing that kind of modal to them? Everyone’s different that’s the way it is. Abercrombie & Fitch must be more conscientious of that.  I will show you why, in the following article.

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  When we are planning our trip to another country, even in Canada, we should be prepared to the weather. London isn’t always a rainy town as many movies are saying. As we could see in the article I read about London, there are better times to visit a sunny London. I will inform you about this in the present article.

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In the past five years, Toyota as had many customer recalls for mechanical issues on some of their big name vehicles like the Yaris, the Tacoma and etc. It appears their troubles have not passed; another recall has been mailed out to some more japanes car owners.

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    No one except ballet dancers know about what ballet is. Which muscles they use how they can transmit emotions by dancing if you’ve never dance you don’t know about nothing except the beauty of it. The majority of the people stereotype the classical ballet. In this article you’ll learn about what ballet is really and the origins of it.

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    A new way of shopping We are all doing it but we don’t acknowledge it. I’m talking about the cure of shopping for our anxious problems. In other words, we don’t want to face our realities we prefer expending them. An attractive article talks about this big problem who touch a big majority of the American population or 91% of them.

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I choose this article because it is extremely interesting since video games can influence us a lot. It can makes us dangerous.   It all happened on a Thursday when an eight year old kid shot his 90 years old grandmother in the back of her head. The eight year old kid spent the whole afternoon playing a violent video game which involves killing. He was playing is Grand Theft Auto which is a game rated as mature. However the police decided that the kid will not face charges for murder since under Louisiana Laws, people under 10 years old will not get prosecuted.  

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