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About me:

Gabrielle Dallaire, 19 years old, student in Media, Art and Technology, at Cegep de Jonquiere.

I am actually working as an animator for children at Centre de villégiature la Dam-en-Terre. A dynamic person who loves to learn, to laugh and has the ability to work as good independently and in team. My studies will bring me to become a coordinator in communication and hopefully somewhere between Quebec and Montreal. I dream big and have the motivation to accomplish great things in my life.

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Have a nice day,
Gabrielle Dallaire


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In professional life, dealing with deadlines on a daily basis becomes normal. Working on a long-term project can be heavy work, if not properly prepared. Making the best of a time given by scheduling the workload is highly suggested. This is a process description of how to manage a television production schedule in VFX. In television making, VFX is used as an abbreviation of visual effects which are animations that are generated by a computer. By producing an accurate schedule, this process ensures the right connection between the workers and the supervisors.

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In 2017, almost everybody comes across a web page every day. This is a process description on how to build a custom web site. It is a very versatile and personalized way to showcase your company and also stand out from the rest. It can be done in five steps: the preproduction, the wireframe, the design, the programming and the hosting.   Tools

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Camera Control Unit Procedure   The Camera control unit is an equipment which is operated with remote controls. Remote controls are used for the treatment of the images of cameras. With the succeeding steps, the remote controls will adjust each image of cameras. As a result, the images should have the same appearance on television. There are six steps to follow: the adjustment of the black, the white, the flare, the gamma, the detail and the saving procedure.  

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Gabrielle Dallaire, 19 years old, student in Media, Art and Technology, at Cegep de Jonquiere.

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