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  Halloween Costumes: Who Ever Thought They Could Have Racist Meanings? 

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Raised in a patriarchal world of superficial advertisements and mass media, many fail to recognize that men are also negatively influenced and affected by societal norms and gender stereotypes, as opposed to only women. One of these individuals myself, it is not surprising that I had only noticed the underlined impact of Martin Chilton’s Die Hard (1988) film review for the Telegraph after viewing Jackson Katz’s film Tough Guise 2.0.

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            Whether the product in question be clothing, cosmetics, cars or movies, sex sells. If before women were objectified and oppressed under patriarchal rule, mass media has now increased such degradation to a whole new level in today’s modern culture. From revealing clothing to sexist slurs to nudity, women are portrayed as the weaker and inferior sex in advertisements across the globe. The female sex is not prized for its intellect and accomplishments, but most importantly for its physical body and appearance.

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White Privilege: A Diagnosis or a Cure?

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