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In the National Post article "Pundit War: Should Journalists Be Forced to Divulge Information about Their Sources?” four members of the Post’s staff debate about a recently brought up ethical issue concerning a reporters refusal to divulge information pertinent to a police investigation related to national security. The reporter was court ordered to release transcripts of an instant messaging conversation between him and a suspected terrorist but refused to cooperate based on his “right” to protect his source due to the “freedom of the press”.

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The article entitled "Copping a Budget Plea" written by Jarrett Murphy, published in 2006, depicts the police misconducts, brutality, and misbehaviours in the New York City Police Department, and although it is not the only police force that has cases of bad police behaviour, it is certainly the most largest police department with the biggest reputation, so it is easier to retrieve more information out of it.

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The article “Colin Kaepernick Takes a Knee in Latest Anthem Protest” (2016) by Greg Beacham talks about how the NFL player Colin Kaepernick (who plays for the San Francisco 49ers) is protesting against different societal problems in American society such as police brutality, oppression and fighting for equality. He does this by sitting down (the first time) and taking a knee while the national anthem plays during the pre-game. This sparked a lot of controversy and many people criticized Kaepernick’s act for disrespecting the U.S. military and an American tradition.

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Modern Education and religion can often lead to conflicting ideas which can lead to tensions between parents and a school board. The line between religious accommodation and fairness is often murky and it's hard to come to a definite conclusion to make sure all parties are appeased. In the case of certain school boards in the Greater Toronto area, there have been conflicts on whether or not Muslim students should be exempted from art or music classes due to these classes not conforming to Islamic religious beliefs.

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