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In this article written by CNN staff on October 15th 2013, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook the country of Japan.  It was approximately 200 miles away from Japan, located in the Pacific Ocean. About three billion dollars of damages have been evaluated.  This is not the first time that Japan has had huge natural disasters hit them, making many casualties as well. In 2011, an earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0 hit the Fukushima prefectures, with about 15,000 deaths. This has had a huge impact on the country’s economy since they always have to rebuild.

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     Despite the differences that people share between various cultures and societies across the globe, there are still certain values that remain universal that allow us to connect with those that we do not think we have anything in common with. One such value, as cliché as it might seem, is love. This idea of love as a uniting force between cultures was apparent in the film, Welcome (Loiret and Rossignon, 2009). Despite social and cultural differences, a middle class French man was able to help an illegal Iraqi-immigrant try to reunite with his lover in England.

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  Renee Casey   Challenging Many Social Norms  

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Social networking is a huge part of our culture today. We update everyone on all of our activities and whereabouts, and now it has reached the point where people are beginning to use social networking websites as a way to seek immediate sexual encounters. This seems to be a trend within the community of social networking users of men who have sex with men. And when these encounters take place, the sexual acts involved are much riskier and thus increase the probability of contracting some sort of STI or even HIV. Is this aspect of social networking “too social?”

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College drinking is a serious problem and is caused by many problems, it leads to excessive drinking and kills many students around the nation every year because of alcohol poisoning.

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In this day and age technology has become very prevalent. It is present in basically every aspect of our everyday lives, especially on a social level. We are always in constant communication with others. And now, since access to communication is so easy to obtain, an increase in the popularity of online dating is beginning to occur. We use technology in every other aspect of our lives, so why not dating as well? Yet, even though it is convenient, online dating provides some major risks as well.

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The article ‘India child sex victims 'humiliated'’ posted on the BBC news and written by ‘The US-based Human Right Watched’ discusses about the lack of awareness the country of India has towards children getting abused sexually.  The HRW (Human Rights Watched) reports that children in India whom have been victimized of child sexual abuse are often neglected and humiliated by the police.

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The article explored the idea of "hooking up" on college campuses rather than exclusively or seriously dating. Hooking up simply means to partake in any type of sexual actions with a person who you are not seriously committed to.

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This article looks at the many issues that teens experience while making their transition into the complex world of adulthood. It looks at their moods and reactions to things that accrue in their everyday lives such as loss of friendships depression or unbalanced anger. Parents are having trouble distinguishing when these outbursts really begin to take a tool on the Childs life, and when it is necessary to seek sources other than themselves for help.

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The purpose of this article was to shame with the anti-gay laws in Russia. The main point that the author used to support his idea was that Russia’s failure to honor the Olympic Charter’s requirement of non-discrimination. The author also used Putin denying discrimination against the LGBT people to support his main idea. What makes the issue chosen a social problem is that it affects a group of people.

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Gay marriage has been a controversial topic in the United States for quite some time. Yet, within all that time there has been no specific study on the subjective reasons for why gay men and women want to get married. Love? Benefits? Other? A study on this topic ran by Jessica Madrid and Stephen Rice shows that even though attitudes towards gay marriage in the United States are changing for the better there is still cynicism and opposition towards same-sex marriage, yet interestingly enough there seems to be even more cynicism towards heterosexual marriage. Why do YOU want to get married, gay or straight?

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