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After viewing the film Facing Extremism (, post a reponse that addresses your understanding of "extremism." In this response, you should include a discussion of the definition of extremism you found for the last NewsActivist assignment.  An example of a post might be this: Initially, when I read the definition of "extremism," I found that __.  I thought this definition was too broad because ___.

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  Update post of Alternative volunteering: Health-care Symposium Project Summary  

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     Over a year ago, I started volunteering on a monthly basis with Greenpeace, the Phare de Longeuil working with homeless people, and the Santropol Roulant collaborating with elderly and xenophobic people. I always really enjoyed it, but recently, I came to realize that I wanted to engage myself into a greater commitment, something that would maybe not reach a lot of people, but that could have a greater impact on one individual. I wanted to meet and share with someone experiencing a different reality, or at least, more than I was used to.

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The Women are Coming, and They Mean Peace: Historic March Across Korean DMZ Announced written by Andrea Germanos. The article was published the 11th March 2015 on Common Dreams news website.   Article summary

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The original news article Ontario’s doctors say budget puts the health-care system at risk was written by an anonymous writer and published on the website of Canada Newswire on the 6th of February 2015.

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With every great story comes an ordinary beginning. And here is the story of Malala.

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Social integration of Chinese senior immigrants: How health-care symposium can help Chinese grandpas and grandmas lead a more fulfilled life   News summary: Some residential care seniors could be living independently, says B.C. Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie written by CBC News on April 8th 2015  

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The original news report Crisis in health-care deepens was written by Bob Hepburn and published on the website of Toronto Stars on 12th February 2015. Angles on Strike

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            The human diet has widely evolved through the course of history as our diet has change from meat and agricultural goods to chemicals which names are too long to fit one line on this article. The food our ancestor ate greatly helped in the process of developing the human body by providing essential nutrients for our growth. Since then, our diet has change to a quick cheap hamburger at the nearest fast food joint. The majority of the consumers know the effect fast food has on our body yet it is in great demand.

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Social integration of Chinese senior immigrants: How health-care symposium can help Chinese grandpas and grandmas lead a more fulfilled life   News summary: Some residential care seniors could be living independently, says B.C. Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie written by CBC News on April 8th 2015  

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In today’s life, many seniors are put or decide to be put in hospitals, facilities or hire caretakers to be taken care of due to reasons such as extreme illness, loneliness or other rationales. It is disappointing to say but nowadays, the situation seems to be falling the opposite way as elder’s facing abuse is becoming a major issue. According to data, “between 1998 and 2005, the overall rate of police-reported violence against seniors increased 20%” (Ogrodnik 33).

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Achieving a health conscious diet has been increasingly popular over the last decade. People have been more critical of what foods they have been eating. A substantial amount of companies have been promoting their products to be healthy and high in nutrients and vitamins. They are defining their products as “all natural”; when in reality the ingredients in these products do not make an appropriate fit for their definition.  This was the case for Kashi, a company (owned by Kellogg’s) that is branded as “healthy” which sells cereals, granola bars and crackers.

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As published in the Montreal Gazette on March 5th, 2015 in an article called “Quebec renews $9-million investment to fight poverty” written by the journalist Geoffrey Vendeville, the Quebec government decided to renew its investment of 9 million against poverty but also social exclusion in the city of Montreal. They first wanted to reduce that budget but after many discussions they decided to give it again this year. Last year, this amount of money helped an estimation of 350,000 people in need.

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I have been doing some research on volunteer opportunities during my leisure time. Out of the four organizations that I did my research on (St-Mary's Hospital Center, South Shore Reading Center, Agence Ometz and Royal Victoria Hospital), SSRC was the only place while I could reach by phone without bump into a voicemail. The operator who received my call was very welcoming and answered all my questions. SSRC majorly offers educational aid for adults with learning and reading difficulty.

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GMOs: the shattered puzzle To look for the truth is like gathering pieces of puzzles. In this quest of missing pieces, I will be summarizing and analyzing three articles from Quebec, the United-States and China concerning the same issue, GMOs. I will show you how the seemingly categorical facts can be and will be dismantled, painted, perfumed, assembled and finally presented.

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Why is it so vitally important to include women when working with developing countries in the process of eradicating poverty? Why are women a key actor in the development cooperation? To my mind, poverty can never be overcome, if women are being left behind, if women are not being empowered. To my mind, development necessarily includes addressing especially women and improving their situation in particular. Why is that? Let me explain this to you with the help of the example of an NGO and some theoretical input.  

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In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a practice that has raised several ethical questions since its introduction. IVF is essentially the fertilization of an egg in a controlled environment outside the body, after which the fertilized egg is then replaced into a woman’s uterus (“In Vitro Fertilization: IVF”). The practice is common for infertile individuals wishing for offspring (“In Vitro Fertilization: IVF”). Normal IVF uses genetic information from one man and one woman (“In Vitro Fertilization: IVF”).

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Just the words “money manager” or “investment bank” bring to mind images of liars, cheaters, and connivers. Perhaps the greatest depiction of this utter lack of morality came in the winter of 2007, when the Great Recession began. This marked the beginning of the most severe global economic meltdown since the Depression. While the causes of the 2008 financial crisis are exceedingly complex, one of the key contributors was subprime lending. Without delving into the specifics of the crash, it came down to banks providing loans to individuals with poor credit (Denning).

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The original article What not to ask at a job interview written by Dooley Eileen was published by The Globe & Mail division of Bell Globemedia Publishing Inc the 4th February 2015.   Website:   Summary:

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Is killing wrong? Many people’s consciences would tell them that it is. But the question becomes more difficult to answer when the victims are animals, especially when the end goal is something other than food. Some ethical frameworks maintain that killing or harming animals is wrong, whereas others suggest that doing so can be morally acceptable, or even that it is sometimes the more ethically correct course of action.

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           “Lab rat” is a rather frequently used term by the general populace and seems to be accepted by society although the existence of such beings is a moral dilemma for many. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, more than 100 million laboratory animals are killed in the United States annually and many of them suffer cruel treatments such as being subjected to “severe pain near, at, or above the pain tolerance threshold of unanesthetized conscious animals.”  (“Annual Report Animal Usage”).

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The original report on the issue Chibok girls who escaped Boko Haram defy militants by returning to school was written by Monica Mark, a West Africa correspondent for The Guardian. The article was published Tuesday, the 3rd of February 2015. Link to the article: Chibok girls who escaped Boko Haram defy militants by returning to school | World news | The Guardian

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Original article The chocolate health myth dissolves is found on the website of CBC news health section. It is written by CBC journalist Kelly Crowe and published the 5th of January 2015. Website:  Chocolate health myth dissolves - Health - CBC News Chocolate you and me

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 Because I am French, I needed to tackle this issue. Because I am an Erasmus student and that I am here to discover a new cultur, to meet new people, to be more open-minded. Open-minded. It is something that everybody has to learn as we stand so far from it… Because I am writing on this blog, on which we individuals are free to write about whatever we want to. Freedom of speech.  

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A boy who recently discovered that kindness is more important than anything~

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