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Conjugal violence is definitely a taboo topic in society nowadays, people simply do not know how to approach this so very important topic.  Even with it being a taboo topic, it still remains a big part of the problems in society.  The Auberge Transition allows women to come in with their children and have a transition period between leaving their household and when they can get back on their feet.  These women are victims of conjugal violence.  This organisation deserves to have a lot of people want to serve as volunteers and help them accomplish the goals they set out.  

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The potentially deadly substance name “Molly” is the second drug of choice for many teens. A teen that had a bad experience with Molly decided to warn other teen about this drug by telling her story. She explains that she was throwing non-stop. In the morning, she had a seizure. She was took to the hospital where she end up in a coma for 46 hrs.  She also explain that the drug she took could have been contaminated with rat poison or Drano. She finally claims that before she took the pill, she had no idea of what molly is or what molly should look like.

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Saguenay’s mayor Jean Tremblay posted a video of himself on YouTube explaining his outbreak against Greenpeace and “the intellectuals of the world”. He debates that many workers in industries are losing their jobs due to projects that are stopped by Greenpeace, because they affect the environment in Saguenay. "Leave us in peace, says Ms. Tremblay. ‘We know very well what the environment is and we have great respect for nature, but we also want to develop and we want our workers to have jobs."

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Nowadays, since there is some places in the world that have not the best conditions to live, there is a lot of emigration from those countries. Where do migrant go? They try to look for a better environment where there is opportunities and respect for the workers. Most of the time, these people chose to install themselves in an industrialized country as U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, etc. Unfortunately for the migrant workers, the language used in that country is often a different one from their own.

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The story starts off with a flashbawck on a previous story about a little girl named Makayla Sault, an aboriginal girl who died last year due to leukemia (Blatchford). Thi case is particular because she did not get the chemotherapy treatment due to he parent's belief on their traditional medicine. Now, a similar situation came off with "J.J.", an aboriginal 11 years old girl that lives in the "Six Nation reserve", in Ontario, that has the same disease as Makayla (Blatchford).

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<p>An arctile piblished on June 5th 2013 on CBS news states that a little girl in Pennsylvania, Sarah Murnaghan, 10 years old, suffers from end-stage cystic fibrosis (Quijano,2013). The doctors say that she only has weeks to live. The only way she could survive is by having a lung transplant, although, due to her age, Sarah is only eligible for children lung transplant (Quijano, 2013). The problem is that adult lungs are a lot more frequent and Sarah deosn't have much time left to wait. This issue has gone so far that it is now heading to the Obama administration.

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