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I am a student at KUIS. My favorite things are "watching movie" and "listening to music".
My favorite movie are horror and action. My favorite artist is Daft Punk.
I like American comic hero!


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Seasons of Kyoto 5142052 Meika Wada   Japan has 4 seasons. Each seasons are very beautiful. Especially Kyoto has a lot of beautiful sightseeing spot. Have you ever been Kyoto? There is very popular to tourist, so today I will introduce about seasons of Kyoto.

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5142010 Marina Ido New Year’s Day I will talk about New Year’s Day. I will talk about my New Year’s Day. Do you know this year’s zodiac? This year’s zodiac is sheep. I ate osechi and had a part-time job. Unfortunately, I was sick in New Year’s Day. My New Year’s Day is not good.

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I read Hanyu retains Grand Prix Final title. This article is about retains Grand Prix Final title to Hanyu. He skate with a personal best score.  He was collision with another skater during warm-ups at the Cup of China last month. But this time, he retains his title.  I like this story, because I support him. His age is same as me. However, he has various great titles. So I want him to more active than now.  Sorry this article's reference was not able to watch. 

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The Japanese food which you don’t know      What kind of Japanese food do you like? There are many delicious and unique foods. For example, Chinese food is different to Japanese Chinese food. Many foreigner know and have eaten Japanese famous foods, but I think that foreigner don’t know about Japanese minor foods. So, I want foreigner to understand about various Japanese food. So today, I am going to talk about Japanese Chinese foods, super extra large foods and Japanese sweets.

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My before and after New Year’s Day      Happy New Year! What did you do this New Year’s Day? Japanese New year’s Day is very interesting. So I am going to talk about my before and after New Year’s Day in this year.      Dec 31, 2014, I cleaned my room. There were many books on the floor. I clear up the books in book shelf. I felt fine. I and my family went to supermarket. We bought food for New Year’s Day. There were many people. I felt bad a little. In the night, we ate toshikoshi soba. It was delicious.

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Japanese Halloween is different from foreign countries      Do you like Halloween? This is event in the US. But today, it is became famous in Japan. Why is it became famous? Today, I am going to talk about Japanese Halloween.

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2014 is going to be ended soon, and we are going to greet 2015 all over the world. You will look forward to the moment just now, and so will I. Then, when we could greet the time, we would enjoy a festival, meeting relatives and friends, and going on a trip to somewhere. By this article, I would like to write it about the way of enjoying for New Year holidays in Japan. After having read this, you may know the difference between your country and how to spend Japanese New Year’s Day. Furthermore, I would like to speak another Japanese event, “O-Bon”, the Japanese All Soul’s Day. In fact, it is very similar with Halloween.

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Japanese Halloween 5142052 Meika Wada        Today I will introduce about Japanese Halloween. Do you like Halloween? Japanese Halloween is different from original Halloween. So I’m going to talk about different point of each Halloween.

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Christmas is no longer an event for Christians, it’s celebrated in many countries including Japan nowadays, it is obviously international event. Each country has their unique events such as Rio’s carnival which is well known all over the world. My hometown Gifu has also has original festival in August which name is “Gujo Odori Dancing Performance. This is not famous as much as Rio’s carnival but it’s also cool and traditional festival.

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Today, I will recommend two theme parks. I recommend Fuji Q Highland and Tokyo Disney Resort. Which do you like? I will tell you about each theme park’s different point and famous ride.

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Museums and Theme parks in Kansai area      Have you ever been to go Japanese museum or theme parks? Japan has many interesting museums and theme parks. For example, Tokyo Disney Land, Fujikyu highland, CUPNOODLES museum[i] and so on. These museums and theme parks are in Kanto area. But Kansai area has interesting museum and theme park than Kanto. So I am talking to about museums and theme park in Kansai area.

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Do you know Anpan Man? This is one of the most famous character in Japan. This is a main character of the animated cartoon that names “Let’s go! Anpan Man” (それいけ!アンパンマン) I used to watch this cartoon film when I was kindergarten child. This cartoon film knows all the Japanese. It was made by Takashi Yanase. Anpan Man is a hero for children. His face is made from Anpan, so he deal his face for everyone. And his friends are love and courage. He contend with Baikin Man. Baikin Man is dishonest man, so Anpan Man fight against Baikin Man. This cartoon film is very good.

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This topic is about Black Friday. This is It is warm up in the United StaJaotes. But this year, it was a little frenzied in there. Because some mall began open on Thursday. As a result, Friday wasn’t very frenzied in this year.  Japan don’t Black Friday. American family to buy X’s mas present for own children cheaply. But on this Black Friday, there were scattered reports of shopper scuffles and arrests. So, I think it is terrible event. Reference 

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     I will write about Olympic relationships Japan. Japan has opened Olympics four times. Japan has opened two times summer Olympics and two times winter Olympics. First time is 1964 October 10th to 27th. First I will introduce about why Japan can open Olympic. Maybe you don’t know the reason, so I want to you know why. Second I will write about the day and what did Japanese people doing to the day.

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Olympic and Paralympic in japan

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     There are many kind of music in Japan, for example, J-POP, Rock, Enka; a traditional-style Japanese popular song, Idol and so on. Enka has long history, so Japanese like it very much and especially old people like it. Recently, Idol song is very popular among every generation and other countries people. Nowadays, Idol song is the genre that Japan can be proud of, so I think that it is Cool Japan. Today, I am going to introduce Japanese Idol groups because they are representative of the Japanese music. The first is about Japanese Idol groups.

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Tokyo Olympic is expected all over the world      Do you know that next host country to Olympic? It is Japan in 2020! It is decided to September 7-10 2013 Buenos Aires. Japan began to some activity. So Japan warm up to Olympic 4 years later. Then, I am going to talk about Olympic volunteer, what are there kind of competition for the Olympic? and Paralympics.

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Today, I am going to talk about Japanese fashion. What do you know Japanese fashion? For example, Japanese Wafuku, Gyaru fashion, Harajyuku fashion, Gosurori, fashion and cosplay fashion.

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Japanese Fashion 5142035 Megumi Degumi

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This article is about street art. Street art is very popular to people all over the world. It is began secretly. Some people think it is crime. But other people thinks it is new beautiful of the culture. It is showed about political opinion by some artist.  I like art. But I have never seen street art too much. Japan don’t street art. It is good expression to tell my think. But some people thinks it is not good. Because I think the scenery of the town is worsens. I hope it is recognized by people who think that it is not good.    

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5142046 Kiyoka Mitani Japanese Unique Fashion

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Japanese Good Movies      Do you like movie? I think that there is not the person disliking movie. There are kind of interesting movie. For example, action, anime, horror and so on. Anime is Japanese popular culture. There are great animation movie producer in Japan. Japanese some movie is made from comic, so now, I am going to talk about Japanese animation movie, Japanese live-action film, and Japanese horror movie.

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Japanese TV Show and Movie

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This article was written about TOYOTA’s new car. TOYOTA is the best car company in Japan. This company invented fuel-cell cars. The car called Mirai. The name meaning “Future” in Japan. This is very wonderful car, but I think it is very expensive. I think who can buy such an expensive car. reference Cunningham, W. (2014, November 17). Fuel-cell cars gain momentum with Toyota Mirai. cnet. Retrieved from http://www.cnet. com/news/fuel-cells-cars-gain-momentum-with-toyota-mirai/

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Tea has been a drink of choice around the world for many years. It is write tea of history. It is write kind of tea of each country. And there are question when I drink tea. This article is about manner of some countries tea. There are many difficult words. But I thought that manner is important. I will learn various manners. Most interesting countries of tea tradition is China. Because Chinese is value to drink a tea.    Reference 

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  I think this article is very interesting, because this topic introduce Monkey Island. Monkey Island is famous to fisherman. I want to fishing big fish and walking there. This article write monkey island’s view is very good. This article write about monkey island. Monkey island is not people island, so famous for fisherman. monkey island has not concrete wall, so beautiful view.  

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I like this article because I like baseball and I know him. Baltimore Orioles is good team because they has very good balance. But he grow up this team more strong team. This article explain about Buck Showalter. He is manager of the Major league. His team overcome many difficult and became a American League Champion.

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Childhood obesity has become a global epidemic. But it is not easy to treat. Now, they change lifestyle supported by the doctor in Denmark. According to the US one in three children is now overweight and the incidence of obesity. It is increase over the past 30 years. I think childhood obesity is lacking in the management of the parent. This problem is not easy to reduce. I want to reduce childhood obesity. For that reason, I want children to understand that obesity is dangerous for your body. 

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Japanese shop 5142052 Meika Wada        I will introduce about Japanese unique shop. Today Japanese shop is attract rising attention from foreign country. Why Japanese shop is attract rising attention? Because Japanese shop are high quality and cheap. So many tourist visited Japanese shop.

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Japanese Unique Shops      Where is your shopping when you visit Japan? Japan has many unique shop, so today, I am going to talk about Japanese shop “100 yen shop”, “Maid cafe” and “Village Vanguard”.

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     I will introduce about 100 Yen Shops. I often go to 100 Yen Shops. Because it is very cheap and convenient store. So 100 Yen Shops has gained popularity in Japan because pricing of 100 yen have the image of cheap and handy. 100 Yen Shops also has gained popularity abroad.

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     This time, I am going to introduce about Halloween and Obon, different points and similar points between them. The first is what Halloween and Obon are. The second is their different points. The third is their similar points. Then I will write my opinion in conclusion.

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I will talk about Japanese Bento. Do you like Japanese Bento? I will introduce about my favorite three bento. My favorite three bento are convenience bento, station bento, and character bento. I will introduce about these kind, price, and taste etc. My favorite bento is very delicious!

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     Have you cooked bento? Bento is lunch box. Japanese children eat bento when lunch time in school or people go to travel. Today, I am going to talk about Japanese bento and I talk three topic, “Kyaraben” “convenience store bento” and “bento shop”.

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I like this article because I like him and I respect him. I played baseball during 7 years, I consult his batting form. So my batting form likes him. This article write about Norichika Aoki, he is Japanese baseball player in Major League. This season, Aoki’s team advance post season. It is write about Aoki’s success in it.

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This article is about silk museum in Okaya city. This is reopen since August. Visitors is increase reopening in August. This museum can see actual silk reeling in person. And they display machines from the Edo Period (1603-1867) to the Showa Era (1926-1989).This article is about silk museum in Okaya city. This is reopen since August. Visitors is increase reopening in August. This museum can see actual silk reeling in person. And they display machines from the Edo Period (1603-1867) to the Showa Era (1926-1989).

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I am going to talk about Japanese bento. Do you know Japanese bento? It means “lunch box”. I like Japanese bento that my mother makes me. It is very delicious for me. My mother cooks it every day for me that get up early in the morning. Do you know many kind of Japanese bento? I am going to talk about many kind of Japanese bento.

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My introduse Turezum ✌ I am going talk about turezum that food design and, design original experience. Do you know the design experience?? For example bait spear experience, daibing, make a T-shirt and so on. At first, I introduse about make foof sample. Second is introduse about Kitakoubou in Kobe. Please reading.

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I have never been to Tokyo dome. I like Yomiuri Giants in baseball team, so I want to go to Tokyo dome and watch baseball games. Tokyo dome is the first roofed baseball park built in Japan. This is started operating in 1988. The facility can house 55,000 people. Tokyo dome is the home of the Yomiuri Giants in baseball team. This is used for live concert too.

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Shiretoko a natural heritage site registered only in July 2005. It is a long narrow peninsula. There are many rare animals in Shiretoko. In winter, there is also beautiful scenery. I can feel nature in Shiretoko.

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5142047 New Tourism in Japan

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vv New tourism in Japan 5142052 Meika Wada   I recommend that Oirantaiken in Kyoto. Oiran is Japanese clothes. It is very beautiful. The word oiran comes from the Japanese phrase oira no tokoro no nesan (おいらの所の姉さん) which translates into "my elder sister." It is little bit sexy kimono than normal kimono, because This kimono shows a little bit of woman’s shoulders. And compared with the normal kimono the obi is reverse.

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5142046 Kiyoka Mitani New Tourism in Japan      I am going to talk about new tourism in Japan, so I will introduce three new tourism in Japan “experience making of food sample”, “experience making of kaleidoscope” and “experience dig a fossil “.

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5142046 Kiyoka Mitani Japanese transportation      I’m going to talk about Japanese transportation. I always use train, so I will introduce “history of Japanese train”, “kind of train in Kansai” and “manner in train”.

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5142046 Kiyoka Mitani Summer      I heard three people in this summer vacation memories Marina, Megumi and Yu.

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I am a student at KUIS. My favorite things are "watching movie" and "listening to music".
My favorite movie are horror and action. My favorite artist is Daft Punk.
I like American comic hero!