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  Business Model Canvas: SMART HELMET   Key Partners:   Sleep Number INC - Memory Foam - Montior system(s)   Baver - Plastic for outer layer   Mexia Tech - Spider silk  

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Reference: Ashare, Alan B. “Returning to play after concussion” Acta Paediatrica 98.5 (May 2009): 774-776. Academic Search Premier. Web. 27 March 2014.

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Many student-athletes endure concussions every year and many of them act like they were just normal knocks to the head. Although in many cases that is true, the other side of the spectrum is that many concussions leave athletes with brain injuries or may even cause death. The awareness of concussions needs to improve and schools need to implement precautions to cut down on the amount of concussions received each and every year.

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As we all know, in today’s society, professional sport teams take up a big place in our cities. It is the perfect source of excitement, adrenaline and amusement, but do we really know what these athletes go through every day? These players constantly have to train and work hard to bring to the minimum their chance of getting injured. The injury the most talked about is the concussion. But what is a concussion?

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