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     Do you have a dream? I have a dream. My dream is teacher. I want to be an English teacher in high school. Also I think that I want to teach soccer, however you will not know why I want to be an English teacher in high school, so I am going to explain why I want to be an English teacher and why I want to teach soccer.

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Gestures have several different meanings in different cultures and it is depend on the cultural background such as history or language. They can be a very important key to communicate with people from other cultures, because much more information is getting from visual sense than other information such as words. Especially, there are some gestures which have completely different meaning depending on culture. For example, pointing a student in a classroom using a point finger is normal in western countries but is considered to be rude in Islamic countries especially in Malaysia.

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Christmas is no longer an event for Christians, it’s celebrated in many countries including Japan nowadays, it is obviously international event. Each country has their unique events such as Rio’s carnival which is well known all over the world. My hometown Gifu has also has original festival in August which name is “Gujo Odori Dancing Performance. This is not famous as much as Rio’s carnival but it’s also cool and traditional festival.

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Since Britain joined to EU, they have accepting a lot of immigration as a member of EU. Now many Britain people start thinking that this was not good idea for domestic people. Government must provide jobs to immigration people and pay money for welfare of them. On the other hand, Britain people don’t have enough jobs for themselves, also their tax is paying for immigrant welfare.

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The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO decided to inscribe Mount Fuji on the World Heritage list. Mt. Fuji became a latest Japanese World Heritage. Around 300 thousand people visit and clime Mt. Fuji every year, but I don’t give a shit. There is a much fun theme park just at the base of Mt. Fuji; it’s named Fuji-Q Highland. You must visit here to thrill yourself. This is Japan's uniquely Japanese amusement park. There are loads of rides and attractions for all ages at Fuji-Q Highland, including Guinness World Record holding roller coasters.

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       Recently, I often see a lot of people who are listening to music. Of course, I everyday listen to my favorite music because I can be happy and calm. Also, Japanese music is very good which a reason almost of people listen to Japanese music. I asked some of students and could get interesting answer. This time, I want to introduce Japanese music.  

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Since Japan has four seasons, we have several fashions for each season. My favorite is summer. You will see why I love Japanese summer if you visit here in “Obon”. Obon is one of Japan’s most well-known holidays. It can translate to mean The Lantern Festival or The Festival of the Dead. Essentially, Obon is a day to honor those who have passed away. During the Obon, we usually have many summer festivals all over Japan. It’s “cool” to attend those festivals with wearing Yukata, that’s the Japanese fashion what I want to introduce to you.

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Nearly Eight Years Into The Drug War, These Are Mexico's 7 Most Notorious Cartels                  In Mexico 43 students are killed by a gang group who ordered by a mayor. The police arrested those 43 students and returns to gang. They killed them and burned and buried into the river. Now mayor arrested by police.  

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Halloween and Obon   5142037 Kurumi Nakajima

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Many Japanese people surprise because they see many familiar shop sign when they go to overseas. MUJI is a one of successful Japanese companies which have expanded overseas. I will give you an idea why Muji succeed in many countries in this article.

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Vending machine used to a place you can get drinks from a machine without talking to anyone. It has pros and cons. You can get hot and cold drinks without getting into store, but sometime you will feel like something is missing. Machine doesn’t talk and even say “Hi” or “Thank you very much” to you. Actually some of it has function to speak “Thank you”, but you feel weird when the “machine” talks to you. “There is no warmth to them like there is when you buy from a store”. Then what Japanese beverage manufactures have come up is “virtual store manager”.

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We have many train companies at every prefecture in our country, Japan. Each train companies are contributing to people living each area as convenience and safety transportation companies. Without them, Japanese people don’t have this modern life. Most of those train companies are focusing at local area, except the JR. You can go and travel all over the Japan with this train company.

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