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In masculinity there is a concept called the ‘‘Man Box’’. Inside this box there are some particular words for how a man should act and some expectations or role that constitute conventional masculinity. For example the words Strong, Tough, Hard or Intimidating are in this box. But let’s not forget that outside this box there are some bad words that a man can be called if he does not respect the principle of this box. For example if a man is not acting like a man, based on the society he is in, he will be called a Pussy, a Faggot or even a Bitch.

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This article by Rachel Décoste comments on Canada's "don't ask, don't tell" mentality when racism is concerned. As Canadians, we often pride ourselves in being a tolerant, open-minded, free society, yet our media honours a code of silence when it comes to racism. The article gives an example of a Toronto man named Orville Lloyd Douglas who wrote an article called Why I hate being a black man. His article discusses the negative projections associated with his race and gender. The article was published in a U.K. newspaper, but looked over here in Canada. Before Mr.

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