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Thesis: Three factors stand out as having the biggest impact on students dropping out of school.

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Bullying is a tremendous issue that is effecting education, and is becoming worse everyday. My conclusion is that it is effecting education because it causes a student to focues less on school work, it can lead to the change in school, and possibly suicide.

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It seems that the more years go by, bullying is becoming worse and worse. Bullying is not only not being taken seriously, but it now occurs to be casually happening around the world. Amanda Todd was a fifteen year old girl from British Columbia who was severely bullied. It began when she would go on webcam with strangers just to meet new people. It got out of hand when a guy asked her to flash him, and so she did. The guy later threatened her to put on another show or else he would black mail her, but she did not. A year later, a nude picture of her was spread all over the internet.

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