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The article Race to College: The “Reverse Gap” written by William Mangino argues that a reverse gap exists in the college educational system. Mangino does an experiment using a group of 12,576 people of five different races but only focusing of whites and blacks. The author wants to break the stereotype that black people are drop outs and white people are high graduates.

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Racism is a concept that most people are not aware of or chooses to ignore. We often think that racism is over and that our era is a more educated era, which does not discriminate an individual because of his/her characteristics. The reality I learned in my anthropology class is that our racism is a much more “implicit” racism, also known as “new racism”.   

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We tend to believe that we can classify individuals into certain categories based on their “race”. After taking this anthropology class I realised that we, human, do not know much about “race”. In this essay I will provide reasons on why my view on the concept of “race” started to change. 

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