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     When thinking of "the man box" i can not help myself but to think of a man by the name of Michael Sam. He is an openly gay football player who almost cracked an NFL lineup and yes, he would have been the first ever openly gay man to play in the National Football League. This would have been a huge step for all gay's in any sport. Seeing as athletes are supposed to fit right into the Man Box by being strong, fast, athletic, emotionless and to get with as many girls as possible, it must not have been easy for Sam.

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The article “Michael Brown Shooting: Why Black Americans Believe They're Targeted by Police” by Mark Gollum on CBC News from august 13, 2014 discusses how black Americans perceive themselves as being targeted by the police and why that would be the case (Gollum, 2014, para 2). The recent killing of unarmed teenager, Michael brown, by a Caucasian police officer has caused a reaction of outrage across the United States, especially in predominantly black communities.

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     Women have come a long way since the first wave of feminism back in the 19th/early 20th century.  I believe that the media treats women and men the same way and the only difference is that women react differently.  In the movie Missrepresentation they mention that the perfect women is one who is in very limited clothing and then enhanced  by photo shop and by computer programs that eliminate every flaw possible but yet, the same can be said about men.  An easy and obvious example would be the David Beckham underwear advertisement.

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