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New Delhi’s ministry of urban development are presently developing a new project based on the principle of the “Smart City”1.  This project, which will touch 25 cities in India, has for objective to enhance the energy supply and its infrastructure. Plus, “at the Smart City Proposal Enhancement Workshop, the ministries of petroleum and natural gas, power, new and renewable energy and department of electronics and information technology made detailed presentations on various schemes that could be converged under smart city development for better results” (Sharma, 2015, para. 3).

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Andrew O’Connor’s article on ABC reports about a new law to help protect endangered animals. A new biodiversity law has been presented to Western Australia’s parliament with the assurance of protecting endangered species and habitats. Environment Minister, Albert Jacob, says the law will help protect biodiversity in WA’s South West, a recognizable threaten area.

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In the article “Why the World is saying “no” to the North Pole” published in The Globe and Mail, it is stated that the countries surrounding the North Pole are signing an accord to prohibit commercial fishing in the Arctic Ocean.  Indeed, 40% of this ocean is accessible during the summer.

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Because of pollution, air quality is degrading almost everywhere, but, at several place, the air is so contaminated it makes breathing laborious. According to the journal Deutsche Welle, from Shanghai to Beijing, the smog periods kill people by the thousands every day. This serves only to make my point that by polluting the atmosphere, humans kill themselves faster than ever before. But what happens underwater? Acidification (addition of nutrients in a body of water) creates what scientists call dead zones which are areas devoid of oxygen where most organisms cannot survive.

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