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After the devastating typhoon in which Philippines have been strucked with,many people were left homeless without food not shelter.Many people are unable to obtain drinkable water due to its shortages.Many illnesses such ascholera,hepatitis,malaria,dengue fever and typhoid fever can be found in many victims today.Although many doctors and nurses are on scene, The amount of victims that were hit from the typhoon surpase the numbers of doctors therefore many death a occuring from the lack of doctors.Researchers have found out a new parasitic disease which is an epidemic could surge out any mo

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In the movie Somewhere Between (Linda Goldstein Knowlton, 2011) Linda Goldstein Knowlton portrays the life of adoption through the eyes of four teenage girls struggling to know their past. As Haley searches for her parents Linda follows her experience to understand each and every struggle she faces and how she will overcome them, in order to  provide answers for her daughter Ruby who will eventually face the same struggles.

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Somewhere Between (2011) directed by Linda Goldstein Knowlton is a film displaying the lives of four adopted Chinese girls after being given up for adoption because of the “one child policy” in China. The film portrays the hardships of social interactions upon adopted children when meeting new people and of course their birth parents.

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Possible reasons why date rape occurs, what date rape is, and the debate over who is to blame for what happened. Can the way a girl dresses or acts cause her to assume some of the blame?

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Summary: Carri Wesgarth (2013) claims that gender and socioeconomic status are related to pet ownership and their attachment. She designed an experiment using children within the Liverpool Local Education Authority with a questionnaire.

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The article ‘India child sex victims 'humiliated'’ posted on the BBC news and written by ‘The US-based Human Right Watched’ discusses about the lack of awareness the country of India has towards children getting abused sexually.  The HRW (Human Rights Watched) reports that children in India whom have been victimized of child sexual abuse are often neglected and humiliated by the police.

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College is not only a place for academics and student body activities, but drinking. It is starting to become a problem on college campuses.

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Juh Hyun Shin’s article discuses his experiment of the relationship between nursing staffing and quality of life in nursing homes. Shin conducted an experiment to find the relationship of staff hours and quality of life of the residents as well as the relationship between the types of staff.

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The purpose of the article is to capture the attention of people about the possible poaching of elephant tusk some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. This article is specific to Uganda, but it is something that is common to countries around Uganda as well. The main point of this article is makes the readers aware that “in recent years poaching has increased across sub-Saharan Africa” (BBC, 2013).

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Actually in Greece, it is said that seven young people entering on the job market out of ten will be unemployed. At the moment, it represents the highest unemployment level in Europe with a percentage of 62.4% of young adults between the age of 16 and 25. This period of unemployment is caused by the financial crisis that, as we know, affected Greece gravely since around 2010. As the author said, it is now doubly stressful to finish school by seeing what awaits them on the job market when they need to work and study hard for their final exams.

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The importance of SAT testing and its correlation to college admissions.

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Who would ever think abortion would no longer be accessible in today’s society? This includes information about pro-choice activists and their attempt to alienate the American population. There is a decline in doctors because of the danger they are put in from pro-life activists.

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