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The Huffington Post published an article titled "Mass killings in the US: Masculinity, Masculinity, Masculinity". This post follows the continual and overwhelmingingly disturbing rate of mass shootings taken place in the United States. Somewhere in Philadelphia a threat is made about another potential mass school shooting, where a 10 person kill and suicide just recently occured. People on an online forum called "4Chan" praised the assailant and the account who made the new threat.

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This is an add provided by the company “Protein World”. In my own life, I have both seen and overheard women counting down the days to either winter break, or summer, determining that they have 124 days exactly to become “beach body ready.” The assumption here is that these women are not visually presentable during times that don’t require them to be in a bikini. This ad is targeted to women who feel as if  they are not beach body ready.

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