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(For this article, I will use 'they' and 'them' pronouns to refer to Bruce Jenner because they have not confirmed which pronouns they prefer)  

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There is a huge moral dilemma regarding advertisement of drugs through the media. It is a delicate matter since it involves putting someone’s health at risk. This explains why it is illegal to advertise prescription drugs in countries such as Canada due to certain ethical and health concerns. In fact, the only countries that allow direct user advertising are the US and New Zealand. Even though the sales people are trained professionals that follow strict laws, it still leaves a lot of room for potential problems.

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Moral dilemmas present controversial situations that most people would rather ignore. Doctors and surgeons often have to make such decision that involves their patients' lives . There is a lot of pressure on these professions to do the right thing. The words “right thing” might vary from person to person because of different social context, time period and tradition. Nevertheless, their main duty is to sustain the patient’s life with respect. What happens when the doctor can only pick one of the two patients’ lives? To better understand, let’s begin with an example.

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Original title: The growth of Wal-Mart may have made America’s obesity epidemic worse Written by: Danielle Paquette Appeared in the Washington Post Published on Monday January 26th.  

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