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What does the so called “ageing population” mean for countries in Europe? Often, in newspaper articles or in the public discussion, we hear about the issue of an ageing population. Not only in Germany, this is a problematic, but in many countries in the world. In China after a period of One-Child-Policy, now there is an even extremer demographic disparity between the younger and the older population than in Germany.

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In Germany, lately, the public attention has been drawn to the topic of gender - “gendering” certain words to eradicate the dominance of male notions in the language, having more women in management positions and women's movements like FEMEN. All these topics are being discussed on a regular basis – be it with friends in a bar or in a course in university, when studying social sciences. But why does gender actually matter? Does it matter at all? Many people would say NO. They would say, that gender is not as important as many claim.

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Why is it so vitally important to include women when working with developing countries in the process of eradicating poverty? Why are women a key actor in the development cooperation? To my mind, poverty can never be overcome, if women are being left behind, if women are not being empowered. To my mind, development necessarily includes addressing especially women and improving their situation in particular. Why is that? Let me explain this to you with the help of the example of an NGO and some theoretical input.  

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 „Kevin ist kein Name sondern eine Diagnose“ - this was the controversial heading of a newspaper article in the German newspaper “Der Spiegel” in 2009 (Trenkamp 2009). Translating it, it means “Kevin is not a name but a diagnosis”. It touches the topic of inequality in school – an organization that should actually empower students instead of discriminating some of them. This heading was inspired by studies that have been done in Germany, which state that students with the name Kevin usually get worse marks in school than other pupils.

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In this article, the journalist summarizes David Thomson's book, entitled "The French jihadists." It shows the importance of women in the new jihad mostly leaded by ISIS in Syria and Irak and the importance of social networks in their indoctrination. According to David Thomson, journalist and author of The French Jihadists, it would be on a range of 100-150 women and children, along with French fighters installed Syria.  Who are they? 

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In this article I will make reference to the video made by Amnesty International with a Mexican producer (Gael García Bernal) on the stories of different South American people trying to migrate to the United States. A long and terrifying way to go.

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Men’s Rights activists are often either mocked or accused of minimising the inequalities women experience. But is there anything to be said for defending Men’s rights? The debate about gender inequality has change in recent times, choosing to focus less on women’s rights, as the feminist movement often has, to centre itself more on equal rights for all genders, whether trans- or cisgender, independent of their sexuality. Most well-known was Emma Watson’s speech at the UN, launching the “He for She” campaign.

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Why we do we have to address men, too, when trying to achieve gender equality? In this article I want to speak about the importance of involving men into the struggle for gender equality. The inspiration for writing about this topic, came from a lecture by Leo Wamwanduka, Executive Director of the NGO  "Envision Zimbabwe Womens Trust“, in which he explained his work with men on this issue.

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Following the attacks that occurred on the 7th of January in Paris, the National Education was questioned. How can young people get to kill? Is the heart of the problem not education?

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This year a lot of events involving the hack of pictures raised a big controversy. Those hacks are not orchestrated for imprecise aims but to find private pictures present inside computer’s data of the victims and revealing them often undressed. This process of hacking is called “porn revenge”. This touched celebrities but also as we can less hear about, private individuals.

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Following a humanitarian trip I made last June, I discovered that schooling in Madagascar remains a major problem.It is important to know that education is not free in this country where poverty is everywhere. There are private schools and public schools but the fees at public schools, although lower they are certainly lower, remain a brake for some families.

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    Probably, we all know something about the European Union or the United Nations. But have you already heard of the African Union (AU)? I suppose that this is not the case. However, on the continent of Africa this international intergovernmental organization is quite relevant for finding solutions to issues concerning security, peace and economic and political stability. To elaborate on the question, to which extend the AU provides African solutions to African problems, is the aim of this article.  

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 “The Circle” is a drama movie by the Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi, which deals with the role of women and their challenges in everyday life in the Iran by showing the intertwined stories of different Iranian women. It gives us a visual impression of how life in the Iran can be like for a woman and almost automatically, the viewer compares it to the one in their home country. This leads us to certain assumptions about the Iranian culture and struggles of an Iranian woman. After watching the movie, my class had a guest lecture with Prof. Sabine Levet from the MIT in Boston via Skype.

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Let me introduce myself to you! My name ist Eva and I study "Polics, public administration and organization" at Potsdam University. I'm interested in getting to know people with different points of views and backgrounds. That's why I study social sciences and like to learn more about languages and other cultures. Accordingly, I used to live in Panamá for a year.

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