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I personally think the film Inglorious Bastards is a movie that can teach people about several historical events that took place during World War II. The most obvious is the event of World War II. Sure it’s a film that is set in World War II, however this movie is about a fantasy affair of Jewish rebels and their leader who plot to assassinate Nazi leadership Adolf Hitler and his army. One of the comical things I found about this move is how the Jewish soldiers were described as Basterds from the Nazi’s.

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The purpose that film serves in the history classroom or the telling of history is its use it has as a teaching device. Films allow students or audiences to gain a different prospective on historical times or events. The message that each film or story teaches can vary depending on the information given, the topic, the event, the time, the place, or the person at hand and on a person’s ability to draw his or her own conclusions from that particular film or story.

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Who doesn’t love watching movies in a classroom! When the teacher tells you that you will be watching a film today in class, you’re ready to get the popcorn out and put your feet up while others plunge into their seats - half of them paying attention while other snooze or text. We can imagine this because we have all been there at one time or another.

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