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Green Wall Proposal  

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              Action Research Project -Fundraiser Goal: We organise a Magic Show to raise funds to support other projects made by our classmates and Champlain Go Green fund. We pursue this goal to improve current financial situation of the Go Green fund and possibility of achievement of other projects goals.   Steps: After project is approved

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By: Charles Martel, Sofiya Taver and Anthony Patulli The issue chosen is e-waste pollution, the environmental damages caused by electronic debris. About 20 to 50 million tons of e-waste is generated every year throught the world with a significant portion of it being exported to UK shores and China to be recuperated and transformed. This crude and long process leaves time for persistent and harmful pollutants to be released continuously from the these large heaps of heavy metals, leaving many areas unbreathable. 

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Geothermal is a kind of renewable energy that comes from the Earth’s internal heat. How does it work? Water runs through the pipes, goes all around the house and finally comes back in the soil. Water comes from deep in the ground. This water has been heated in the Earth by the natural temperature in the ground.  After, the water comes back in the house to heat the house. During the summer, it is the same concept except that the water that comes from the soil is cooler than the temperature in the house. In fact, this action can cool the temperature in the house.

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In our class of sustainable happiness, Anne-Marie and I proposed a project to our school. This project consists of finding a problematic in our school that involves people who are surrounded by stress situations. After many consultations, teachers and students agreed that we do our project before the evaluation week, known as the end of the semester. This period is mainly characterized by anxiety. Studies reveal that while the end of the semester is approaching, students declared that they have a rise of stress.

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Guillaume Fraticelli, Étienne Poirier, David Normand

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