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           At the time of its release in 2009, Infinity Ward’s new Call of Duty game, “Modern Warfare 2”, was critically acclaimed and viewed as one of the best video games to have ever been released in its genre. The game was praised for its entertaining multiplayer and its story driven campaign[1], but it was faced with massive controversy at launch. Why?

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                Over the last few years there has been an increasingly intense debate of over the ethical viability of self-driving cars, which is a symptom of a larger debate on artificial intelligence and putting computer in positions of power. The progress that has been happening in the field of AI has come with a single key question: what will a machine do when it is put in a situation where it will have to choose between two or more human lives?

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In the Osler library, there is a book titled “the way to health”, written by Thomas Tryon in the 17th century. The book in question was a reprint, however, and was only the second edition and not an original, being published in the year 1961. The book was written in English, and did not weigh very much, only around 3.5 pounds, ideal for the lower rank citizens that it targeted. The book was printed in 8o as was common for books targeting the poorer classes of society.

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