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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when you watch the news and hear about mass murdering or even a simple murder done by a man of color, society immediately needs to point out and emphasize the fact that the crime’s motives must be linked to his ethnicity, faith or culture. As if the crime and the man themselves are overshadowed by the fact that the perpetrator is not white, and then suddenly his actions speak for the entirety of his race or religion.

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The article “’Racist’ Halloween costumes stir debate” by Marlene Habib of CBC News posted on October 27th, 2011 discusses the issue of people wearing Halloween costumes that some members of different ethnic groups find rather offensive, and well, racist. A campaign was launched by Ohio University’s Students Teaching About Racism in Society, also known as STARS, and fired up much debate as to whether or not wearing ethnically influenced clothing was appropriate.

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            The article “It Has Been 47 Years since This couple Helped Redefine Marriage” by Emily Thomas in the Huffington Post from June 12th, 2014 discusses an early case of interracial marriage between whites and blacks. People should not be restricted to who they can love based on race or color but how they personally feel about the person. The article examines a couple in 1958 that fell in love in Virginia but the problem was Mildred Jeter was a black women and Richard Loving was a white man.

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Loving Our Lady Bits Girls have been struggling more and more for the past few years with society’s pressure to fit in the ’perfect girl’ mold. Whether it’s the way you look, dress, walk, talk or behave, everything you do must answer your genders ‘requirements’. For girls, it’s become a much greater battle…

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