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On October 17th, 2010, Brother André got canonized by Pope Benedict XVI for his miraculous acts and for his generosity.  The canonization was all over the news, at least in Quebec.  It was a great moment of pride for all French Canadians.  Since, many canonizations were done, but it has not been as exposed, except one.  Junipero Serra, a Spanish priest who was a missionary in California in the 1770’s, was canonized on September 23rd, 2015.  This canonization was more of a controversy than a cheerful event.  He founded many missions in California to colonize it and to convert First Nations I

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The 2016 presidential election of the United States of America will only take place in November, but the world talked about it since a long period of time. The news talks most of the time about the candidates’ campaign and their issues along with their worldviews.

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