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The article Race to College: The “Reverse Gap” written by William Mangino argues that a reverse gap exists in the college educational system. Mangino does an experiment using a group of 12,576 people of five different races but only focusing of whites and blacks. The author wants to break the stereotype that black people are drop outs and white people are high graduates.

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Halloween is coming, meaning that frenetic research for the perfect costume might begin soon. However, racism and stereotypes are often spread through these disguises as many are unaware that these clothes provide of a bad representation of certain cultural groups.

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One of the most recent NFL controversy has been due to Colin Kaepernick’s decision to not stand for the national anthem. His is right to protest the national anthem in support with the Black Lives Matter movement has caused major riffs around the country with many people taking different sides.

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Man allegedly shot and killed by police for holding a “gun” up and having drugs on him. Witnesses stated Mr.Scott did not have a gun in his hand , he was holding up a book.

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I am researching the issue of terrorism in America. The main topic I will be focusing on is whether or not Muslims should be temporarily banned from immigrating into the United States.

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I found this article on about how poverty can affect your brain. Where you’re from can affect your brain.

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For the past 18 years of my life, I have classify human beings into “races”. Why would I categorize people with skin color? In my opinion, it was just easier and obvious until one day I realized that human classification was a whole lot more complex than I thought. In the following text, we will see how many variables can make human classification injudicious.

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Color Blind or Blind to inequality               What is race? What makes us so different from one individual to another? Well, before I continue it is important to know that humans greatly differ from each other physically, however we are closer than we might think. In Jared Diamond's article he mentions that basing race on body chemistry doesn’t make more sense than basing race on a physical trait (Diamond, Winter, 1).  

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All humans are different, physically for sure but also inside their body. I am talking about what only science can tell us. But socially we have created many categories to separate people into the groups to which they belong. Do we really belong to a certain category which is made of society’s point of view based on “race”?

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