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For the past 18 years of my life, I have classify human beings into “races”. Why would I categorize people with skin color? In my opinion, it was just easier and obvious until one day I realized that human classification was a whole lot more complex than I thought. In the following text, we will see how many variables can make human classification injudicious.

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The subject of “racism” has always been around and I doubt that it will disappear anytime soon. And I’ve heard the word a lot growing up. My grandmother had always made a point that she wasn’t racist every time we saw her. In this class I have learned that many different people have different views on what is racist, just like they have on what “race” means. I’ve always known that each person thinks differently from another. This class and the reading that had been assigned just showed me, and continues to do so, exactly how different people view what a race is.

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This assignment will discuss my own personal experiences and a combination of the material that I learned in class. I will also go through my own reflections that I developed and how my perspective on our society has changed during the course of my class lectures.  

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