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LGBT individuals, such as transgender people, face discrimination every day because of the societal belief of heteronormativity and cysnormativity. Transgender individuals have mental and physical health needs that make them dependent on the medical system in order to be at ease with their identity. However, they can also face discrimination and improper care when seeking help from health professionals.

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While following what’s been going on in the news for the past semester, I realized that as a society, we still face multiple contemporary issues regarding different “categories”, such as human rights, youth, the environment, education, and health. While all the news summaries and research I did greatly developed my knowledge and broadened my perceptions with respect to regional, national, and international news, the issue regarding elderly abuse caught my interest.

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Foster care children are more likely to get mental illnesses, mental diseases and behavioral problems. This is no longer an interrogation but an actual fact. The children’s age when they are placed into foster care does affect them, either positively or negatively, as in one case the chances of mental sequels are increased, and in the other decreased. The results show that a child remaining too long in an abusive home with the biological parents has more chances of having behavioral problems, mental illnesses or mental diseases.

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Among the modern issues that we are now facing, one that is less talked about is the addiction of prescribed drug. The importance of this issue is underestimated because it is less discussed and mediated than non prescribed drug abuse. However, this is a huge mistake because it is a very common type of addiction knowing that more and more people are under medication. This essay discusses about this problem and raises the awareness of it. In order to get information about it, I consulted three different academic journals from three different disciplines.

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Discrimination is not only targeted against race, but also sexuality. Discrimination against transgenders is a big social issue that we face today. Emily Cao brought up the issue that transgenders face in the medical field. By doing research on health clinics and support groups, she believes that it will have an overall view on how the medical system deals with transgender people and how discrimination of transgender people goes against human rights.

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In Transgender Voices: Beyond Women and Men published in 2008, Lori B. Girshick gathered the confessions of 150 transgender people and recounts their stories through various topics. This book gives a good insight on the life of transsexuals by presenting how they deal with their coming out, bullying, relationships, policies and more.

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In the article “D.C. Mayor Makes Major Move Expanding Trans Health Care” published on February 27, 2014 on The Advocate’s website, the author Parker Marie Molloy talks about a new policy advantageous for transgender people living in Washington, D.C. It was announced that all health insurance policies, like Medicaid, would be required to cover transition-related medical services such as gender-confirming surgeries.

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The affects of drinking and driving not only can ruin your own life, but also any others that you surround yourself with.

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Healthcare is usually not a broadly recognized tool of discrimination. However children of gay and lesbian couples are receiving less health care as a result of who their parents love.

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Having a child that has ambiguous genitals at birth is not uncommon. It never has been since human beings have been in existence. In fact, one in every two-thousand baby that is born will be born with ambiguous genitalia (Intersex Society of North America, 2013). In an exciting time and place, I came across a provocative and contemporary study on the Intersex condition and how another country may handle this condition.

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In my recent articles, I’ve touched upon the issue of transgender rights, and more specifically on problems encountered when accessing health services. When writing the post “Transgender People’s Problem with Doctors”, I was surprised to see that transgender people had to face discrimination even from doctors. To feel more comfortable with themselves, it is important to support transgender people and inform them of options they have concerning surgeries or hormone treatments.

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The article “Transgender children in Canada to get more support, expert says” posted on December 6, 2013, by CBC News (no author) on CBC’s website discusses help offered for transgender children in Canada. Studies show that 20 to 30 percent of transgender youth have attempted suicide and 47 percent seriously considered it.

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               In the article “The State of Transgender Health Care: Policy, Law, and Medical Frameworks” from the American Journal of Public Health, Daphna Stroumsa discusses the access to health care in the United States for transgender people.

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A talk that will save lives!!!!!

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A few weeks ago, I posted an article discussing transgendered rights. Many people in the world have been active in the fight for those rights and one person who stood out is Thomas Beatie, also known as “The Pregnant Man”.

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The article Men Do Get It: Eating Disorders in Males from an Asian Perspective by Tan Shian Ming, Pearlene Lin Miao Shan, Angeline Kuek Shu Cen, Lee Ee Lian, and Evelyn Boon Swee Kim focuses on the eating disorders found in males from the Asian perspective. Historically data about male eating disorders have been over looked and not focused on. Recently there has either been a large amount of men with eating disorders or men have been over looked in the past. The ratio or male to female eating disorders is 1:10 historically but recently data supports the ratio 1:3.

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The issue of gay rights in our society has become a pressing matter in the past several years as the LGBT community fights to gain ground in the world. However, opponents of gay marriage continue to strike back, finding new ways to oppose the rights of this minority group of people. This article addresses arguments against gay marriage and provides discussion on why these hold little power in the fight for equality.

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There is an increasing amount of research and publications on studies that follow, track, and record the various gender identities of human beings. Interestingly enough, a research study by Kuper, Nussbaum and Mustanki has found that there are infinite amounts of genders. With the last five to ten years, there has been an outcry by the Transgender and Queer community to realize the existence of other Genders and to realize the importance.

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Founded in 1998 by CACTUS-Montréal, ASTT(e)Q, Quebec Trans Health Action, is a project promoting the health and well-being of trans people through peer support and advocacy, education and outreach, and community empowerment and mobilization. They currently offer as services: - Peer counseling and accompaniment - Advocacy - Weekly drop-in sessions - Information, resources and referrals - Emergency housing fund - Outreach - Harm reduction materials and health services - Educational Workshops - Trans Health Network (THN)

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ATQ (Aide aux trans du Quebec) is a non-profit organization founded in 1980. Operated in French, it provides a confidential telephone line and a help center for transgender people. For more information, contact the administration by email:; or by phone: 514-591-9038

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Pride Montreal was founded in 2007 as an initiative of Montreal’s LGBT community. A non-profit organization, its mission is to organize each year the largest LGBT gathering in Quebec. Its goal is to support and promote local LGBT individuals to serve as a source of hope for LGBT communities worldwide. In 2014, just like every year, Pride Montreal will organize a week of cultural and community, including the famous Pride Parade and Community Day.   

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Founded in 1976 with the original name GAY LINE, CAEO Quebec (The Canadian Association for Education and Outreach)’s mission is to fight against homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism. Equality is a core value of this organization. This organization doesn’t have any major project that it is working on. It mainly offers two services:

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Project 10 is an organization located in Montreal which goal is to “promote the personal, social, sexual and mental well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersexed and questioning youth and adults” from 14 to 25 years old. It provides support to individuals experiencing hardships. This organization doesn’t really have any major projects that it is working on. The services that it provides for LGBITTQ youths are:

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There is an increasingly significant amount of students, faculty and staff members who openly identify themselves as, Transgender (Trans*). Transgender is defined as, an umbrella term used to describe people who differ from social gender norms. For some people it is when their assigned sex at birth and personal internal sense of gender identity differ (The Trevor Project, 2014).

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Transgender people are faced with confusion over their self-identity starting from a young age. This feeling of not identifying with its own body leads to a journey towards self-acceptance, journey that often encounters hardships. Only when transgender people are sure of their self-identification and accept their new self can they open up to the world about their new gender in the hopes of being accepted. How do you feel, however, when the people that you must trust in order to be able to change sex refuse you?

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The article that i have read summarizes the thoughts of many individuals about how they support or not support the idea of gay marriage.

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Scottish Independence

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Being homeless is usually quite a challenge. Having no money and no place to stay is enough to make a man miserable. Sometimes, however, things can become even worse for those poor people. Jason Murray, a homeless man who lives in Montreal, became the target of a beating. A man began to beat him up for no apparent reason. Bystanders witnessed the incident and did not intervene. Nobody called the police.  One person even stopped to film the beating. A woman also began to kick Murray in the face, adding that he deserved it.

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In the article “‘We are going to make Quebec a country, our country’: Premier Pauline Marois promises white paper ‘on future of Quebec’” published on the National Post’s website on February 6, 2014, Kevin Dougherty talks about Pauline Marois’ speech on making Quebec a country.

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On the National Post’s website, the article “Six years after a stranger talked him out of a suicide bridge jump, London man finally gets to say thank you” published on January 30, 2014 by Harry Wallop, talks about Jonny Benjamin and his savior Neil Laybourn. Six years ago, Mr. Laybourn was walking across Waterloo Bridge, in London, when he stopped Mr. Benjamin from jumping.

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In the article “A one-man mission to change our bad eating habits; Walter Willett isn’t big on U.S. food pyramid” published on January 27, 2014 on The Gazette’s website, author Jill Barker talks about worldwide renowned epidemiologist, Walter Willett. Willett graduated from the University of Michigan’s school of medicine as well as from Harvard’s Public School of Health. He is currently the chair of Harvard’s Department of Nutrition.

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Andy Riga explains in the article “Postal workers stage protest on decision to end door-to-door mail delivery” published on January 26, 2014 on The Gazette’s website that postal workers, including more than a thousand from Quebec, gathered in Ottawa on Sunday for a “March to Save Canada Post”. It was announced on December 11, 2013 that door-to-door delivery would end in 2019, a decision supported by Harper’s government.

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            Published on October 28, 2013, the article “Pediatricians want bedroom ban on smartphones and limits on kids’ Internet, social media use” by Lindsey Tanner highlights the problem that has arisen with unregulated media use and proposes a few solutions based on the new American Academy of Pediatrics policy.

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This week a woman in New Delhi was violently attacked because she decided to marry someone who did not belong to the same community. The chief of her village said that the young couple was breaking the rules and forced them to pay a fine of  27,000 rupees (it equals to $442 US.).

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On January 25th, three people were found dead by police officers at the Mall in Columbia following a shooting. According to the article “Three Killed in Shooting in Maryland Mall; Police Call the Deaths Isolated” by Jada F. Smith and Emma G. Fitzsimmons, published on January 25th, 2014 on the site of the New York Times, the Maryland shopping mall opened its doors at around 10 a.m.

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