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I am a first year student at Champlain College of Saint-Lambert. I hope to see that the next world leaders that are elected will be fair to their people and put there needs first and help make a change in the world and not destroy it


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This my experience of helping the homeless and why our population needs to find a way to end homelessness. During the winter, I had noticed an increasing percentage of homeless people sleeping in relatively public spaces to stay warm. I once even noticed 15 people sleeping on the stairs of the Bonaventure metro station due to the weather outside being so cold. When I looked at those people I was stunned. These people slept in such a way that they looked dead. The people who were sleeping on the floor were young and did not deserve to be living in such horrible conditions.

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Homelessness is on the rise but getting degrees in specific academic disciplines such as psychiatry, human ecology, and public health & preventing medicine could help diminish it. There are many issues surrounding homelessness that individuals suffer from. Some issues include health problem, mental disorders, and bad living conditions.

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Accueil Bonneau is searching for volunteers to help them in their kitchen by either serving food, washing dishes, or assistants for cooks. The organizations mission is to help people who are currently without a home or will soon become homeless. By filling out their volunteer form you can specify how often you would like to volunteer, and the days a week that you are available to help volunteer. Accueil Bonneau is a respectable organization to help volunteer, they are open everyday of the week to help serve others.

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As the increase of Syrian refugees enter in countries around the world, some countries have welcomed the refugees with open arms others have closed their borders. The encyclopedia of human rights in the United Stated states that “a refugee is a person who flees from his country to another, seeking safety and protection from the things from which he fled.” A refugee would like to flee from where they came from because where they are situated is no longer safe for them because of issues like war or persecution.

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In the passed year people signing up for health insurance has decreased in America from passed years. In the news summary, “Affordable Care Act Sign-Ups Dip amid Uncertainty and Trump Attack” written by Robert pear and published by The New York Times. The New York Times is a reliable source because as publisher and executive editor Arthur Sulzberger Jr said, the company’s goal “is to report America and the world honestly, without fear or favor.”

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Fake news has had a huge increase over the past few years. Many people such as Donald Trump have been using the fake news to their advantage in helping to get more power as mentioned by writer Sarah Kendzior in the article “The Fake War on Fake News” published by the Globe and Mail on December 16 2016.

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In this article named “A $31B problem: How Canada sucks at reducing food waste” posted the October 26 2016 by Melissa Mancini and Nelisha Vellani on CBC News explain how Canada is behind other countries in the race to reduce food waste. The article state that Canada is currently wasting $31 billion worth of food every year. This problem that Canada have, is a major issue in the world which throw away around 1.3 billion tons of food a year.

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Homelessness has been an issue in Canada for a long time and it seems to be worsening. The rise of homeless families has increased by half in the past 10 years. The article "Canada Experiencing Alarming Growth in Child Homelessness" was written by André Picard, published by the Globe and Mail on February 15 2016.

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Last week I wrote a post about the increase of mortality among homeless people in British Columbia. Today, I found an article about a study that examines “mortality among homeless enrolled in Housing First”. Housing First is an approach that focusses on ending homelessness by providing housing and services to the people in need. In this article named “Examining mortality among formerly homeless adults enrolled in Housing First: An observational study” written by Benjamin F.

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For some time still, none of us will be able to witness some sort of harmony between French and English in the streets of Quebec. The supremacy of the French language will remain and continue to oppress diversity in this province, as well as bar it from attaining greater progress and prosperity.

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I am a first year student at Champlain College of Saint-Lambert. I hope to see that the next world leaders that are elected will be fair to their people and put there needs first and help make a change in the world and not destroy it

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