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The article “ Racism is so insidious, even black people underestimate it.” by Kali Holloway is an article published on September 29, 2014 by the newspaper TheGuardian. The article talks about the shocking revelation that many white people in America believe that racism is a made-up problem by other races and that it is rarely a factor that takes place in the cases of police brutality. The author of the article however, rebuttals by referring to the many studies that show that although whites are the one who use illegal drugs, blacks are more liked to be jailed for drug use.

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            In the article called “Talking to Small Children About Race” by Anne Theriault, really hits home to many families across the nation.  Many parents either don’t see or understand that racism is still an issue, or parents never truly get to sit down with their children and have a good long talk about what it (race) is because they just don’t know how.  There still a larger majority of parents, according to this article, who play the ‘colour blindness’ card.  Colour blindness is when someone does not think that people are necessarily different colours, but they think that everyone

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In the article “Racism is Canada’s Problem Too – Let’s Talk About it” by Craig and Marc Kielburger they talk about racism still being around in Canada and almost any “race” is subjectable to it. They start off by talking about Canada’s minister for Multiculturalism and how he was a subject of racism in an Edmonton tennis club for being a Canadian Sikh.  He overheard a woman whispering about how she can’t believe the tennis club was allowing Sikhs to become members and continued on by saying she doesn’t believe that the minister had a job.

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 The article “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist” by Nicholas Kristof emphasizes the idea that although many consider themselves none racist, they still act in a way that actually is. The author believes that the major issue is not racism itself but instead the people who believe themselves to be moderate and non-racists while acting otherwise. Through the use of evidence taken from surveys and experiences, Kristof proves that although some strongly believe in equality their actions suggest otherwise.

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The Huffington Post article “White People Who Do Nothing Only Add To The Racism Problem” written by Simon Lapierre on July 10th 2014 shares a story of a man named Darrell Cannon. He was one man out of over 110 African American who were physically, sexually, verbally and psychologically abused by Commander Jon Burge and other ‘white’ detectives from 1972-1991. These men were victims of torture simply because of their skin color, but it didn’t stop there.

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            If we look around ourselves, we will notice the negative images the media advertises.  While watching television, while passing by a billboard on the street, while surfing the Internet and while flipping through a simple magazine, we see how media sells sex in advertisements.   

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In today's modern world we tend to think that everything's alright, that we've finally made it as a society and we can now enjoy life as we should have been doing since the beginning. African Americans obtained their fully deserved rights, women can vote and gay people can now get married and adopt children (in Canada and certain States that is). However, that is not really the case.

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