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The article ‘’Air pollution rising at an 'alarming rate' in world's cities’’ written by John Vidal describes the growing phenomenon in cities all around the world that is air pollution. Through the use of datas and quotations, the author of this article shows that air pollution is a phenomenon that is growing worldwide and that it is truly detrimental to our cities.  In the past five years, according to recent studies, air pollution has globally increased by 8%.

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The article “4,000 people are now homeless in Greater Vancouver” by Jen St-Denis from Metro addresses the crisis of homeless people in Vancouver. In fact, he states that 4000 residents are now homeless compared to 2777 in 2014, which results of an increase of 26% every year since 2011. Moreover, it can be traduced by the fact that five people lose their housing each week due to a real estate boom and because more people are coming in the province for work which caused a raise of rents. Facing this major homelessness crisis, Vancouver lacks a poverty reduction plan to face the problem.

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