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  Renee Casey                                                                                                                Teen pregnancy has been associated with many other issues. Research has shown that teen mothers are delinquents and have a drug problem. Also, they are more likely going to become pregnant depending on how they grew up. An experiment was performed and supported that girls who grew up in foster care were more likely going to become pregnant as a teenager compared to girls who grew up in group homes. 

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The british seem to be having major difficulties with their drive around export and attracting foreign investements. There were no healthy model, they were recently moving out of a crisis and beginning to rebalance by rising their exporting goods and emerging economy into Asia, Latin America and Africa. Since canada is having a good investement, good rate and contiuning to develop the economy. The british knew that their companies are trading into China and India, and also knew about the the growth, openess and how regulated the canadians were with their investments.

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College is not only a place for academics and student body activities, but drinking. It is starting to become a problem on college campuses.

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The oil spill in north Dakota would be the first major oil spill, it was discovered by a landowner on September 29. It mostly hit the low land about nine miles northeast of North Dakota. This major oil spill affected the groundwater sources and lets the department of health in concern. People had never seen this much land covered in ages, they said it looked like lakes, rivers and streams. In North Dakota they have a system where they gather oil from the Bakken Shale and deliver it to another Enbridge pipeline.

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Researchers at the University of Massachusetts discovered that when young adults are given tobacco paraphernalia they are three times more likely to at least try cigarettes. Also adults have a huge influence on their children. It is a proven fact that 75% of children live in a house hold where their parents smoke. So if parents don’t want their child to ever smoke then they have to quit themselves.

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Mathieu Fortier                                                                                                                                      September 13   Italy's unemployment rate going up  

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The Syrians agreed to take the chemical weapons off Russia's power, this isnt because of the threats that U.S made towards the Russians. The weapons tranfering was made between two nations under the control. These weapons were to take the U.S to pieces. Two people were managing to try and get the governements to talk in order to make peace.  The U.S secretary Mr. Kerry and Russian minister lavroy were going to destroy the chemical weapons. Mr. Kerry and Mr. lavroy made an effort to start peae between the conflict but it had stalled when these two men decided to destroy them.

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Thesis: Three factors stand out as having the biggest impact on students dropping out of school.

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It seems that the more years go by, bullying is becoming worse and worse. Bullying is not only not being taken seriously, but it now occurs to be casually happening around the world. Amanda Todd was a fifteen year old girl from British Columbia who was severely bullied. It began when she would go on webcam with strangers just to meet new people. It got out of hand when a guy asked her to flash him, and so she did. The guy later threatened her to put on another show or else he would black mail her, but she did not. A year later, a nude picture of her was spread all over the internet.

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