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             The article “’Extremely close to being gone forever’: B.C. fisheries manager says feds failing Interior steelhead” discusses the decline in Thompson River steelhead salmon populations in British Columbia waters (Kelly, 2017). British Columbia’s fisheries manager worries the iconic fish may be on the brink of extinction in this region and conservationists believe the prized fish may soon be gone forever if nothing changes. It is estimated that only 240 steelhead salmon will return to the Fraser River and eventually into the Thompson watershed this year, which is a record low.

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             An energy firm, IGas, has applied to release shale gas using fracking at a site on Ince Marshes in Cheshire (“Fracking plans for Cheshire”, 2017). This submission comes as the country’s first fracking application, and campaigners are extremely concerned. A representative from the company said the site was chosen because of its “proud industrial heritage”, however, much of Ince Marshes has been deemed a Site of Biological Importance, and therefore has planning protections. The Ince Marshes site is near many other energy projects and major industrial areas.

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