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An organization called “Kids Help Phone”, allows individuals to contact professional counselors, day or night, 365 days a year. These counselors provide support and advice for all sorts of problems, no matter how big or how small the problem is.

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As you may have noticed, I have for a few weeks now focused on issues related to youth and their relationship with the internet. Therefore, I decided that my final project will relate closely to this issue by volunteering at the organization Jeunesse, J’Écoute that works closely with cases related to young people facing problems such as cyber bullying, a recurring subject in my research. Jeunesse, J’Écoute provides help for youths with any kind of issues via their telephone line and online chatting device.

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In 1907, Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist, was presenting is studies on a 51 years old women who was suffering from presenile dementia which is now known as Alzheimer’s disease. His paper was a great advance in the research of this disease and that’s why they changed the name of the disease to his name. His paper also allowed to make this situation a disease instead of a standard situation related to ageing. Mr.

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Before the 1940’s mental health was mainly based on Sigmund Freud’s research on how the individual’s mental wellbeing was dependent on a mothers care, a functioning libido, conscious and unconscious mind. Someone who was known as “the father of client-centered therapy” (Holl, 1997) and  “the most significant humanistic theorist” (Cherry, 2014) has changed the world of psychology. The leading figure of psychotherapy and development of the popular theory of personality development is Dr. Carl Rogers.

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This article focuses on how although the education system is changing quickly and making rapid switches from paper to portable devices in efforts to focus on individual-based style learning, it is important to remember that the one thing in education that hasn’t changed is the teachers wanting to help each child individually. As time has gone on the best way to do this is by using technology because the technology can cater to every child’s needs. If the technology helps the children who are excelling then the teachers are now able to help the children who are struggling.

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Fashion and beauty are part of our every day life. We are judge constantly on our appearance and ignoring others' judgment is extremely difficult. People are ready to do many things to achieve what they want to look like. Whatever they do, some will never like what they see in the mirror.  These people will often develop eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. These problems are very present in the women's fashion industry because girls are constantly comparing themselves with each other.

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