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Commerce student at Champlain College (although I suck at accounting). Half Taiwanese, half French, very Canadian (eh). When I say that communism is the solution, I don't even know if it's sarcastic.

I am terrified for Donald Trump's failure as a president (although when he does I will definitely say "I told you so" to everyone who supported him).


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As long as there has been power, there have been people trying to abuse of it. The issue of corruption is broad and difficult to define, let alone to tackle. The academics who try to solve it are experts of similar disciplines, to which political science and public policy are often connected.   Discipline 1: Political Science

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For over 20 years now, the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (CPI) has exposed how corruption was viewed by experts in societies of each country. This index ranks countries on a scale from 0 to 100 – most to least corrupt, or least to most effective and active in their fight against it. It has often been used to call out countries on suspicious-looking public sector related affairs, and has been effective at raising awareness on certain countries’ level of corruption.

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Volunteer at the Brossard Ensemble political party by helping them set up their campaign

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The purpose of politics is and always has been to organize the way a country is run and how power is distributed in a society. But so much power often correlates with corruption, which Harvard political scientist Joseph Nye defines as “behavior that deviates from the formal duties of a public role (elective or appointive) because of private-regarding (personal, close family, private clique) wealth or status gains; or violates rules against the exercise of certain types of private-regarding influence” (Basu and Fritzen).

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One day, while talking with a group of friends at school, the subject of my racial background came up. One girl, who I do not know that well, but went to high school with, seemed very confused to learn that I am half Taiwanese. At one point, to clarify her thoughts, she said something along the lines of, “Wait… if your mom is Asian… then that means your dad is normal!”

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According to the Merriam-Webster, ‘freedom of the press’ means “the right of newspapers, magazines, etc., to report news without being controlled by the government”. Despite it sounding simple, it seems it has been a tough promise to keep in recent years.

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           Global News article titled “How has media coverage of mental health issues evolved in recent years?” was written by Christina Stevens, one of their senior reporters and published in their Blogs section on January 16th 2017. The article summarizes and directs readers to listen to the “MindVine Podcast” Stevens participated in with the Ontario Shores staff. The summary notes that suicide was rarely mentioned in news in the past but is being mentioned more in recent years.

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            An area where I find it is important to express the fake news behind it is celebrity gossip. Everyday these false news articles come out and it’s all gossip about celebrity’s personal life in which certain people claim they know everything, and without even being certain they do, they publish it for the whole word to see anyways. These individual’s lives are exploited for the entertainment of the general public; often the facts these tabloids claim to have are totally false and ridiculous and only serve to create publicity.

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Canadians love to boast about how non racist their country is. With their country’s policies so open to immigration and their multicultural metropolises, it is evident to compare their social situation to that of their American neighbors, which seems chaotic and messy in the wake of the new presidency (although after the events of last Sunday, January 29th, our country has definitely felt like a bit of a mess as well). However, when looking closely at the treatment of all races, it is clear that Canada’s racial acclamation isn’t so flawless after all.

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Commerce student at Champlain College (although I suck at accounting). Half Taiwanese, half French, very Canadian (eh). When I say that communism is the solution, I don't even know if it's sarcastic.

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