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In this assignment I will be talking about white privileges and its power because it is a subject that really concerns me so I found an article that explains the concept and its advantage/consequences. To begin with, I am a woman who is always bothered by inequality and I am frustrated to know that because of my gender, I have less chances to get a prestigious job or to get a promotion. That being said, seeing other minorities get discriminated because of white privileges really affects me.

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Ads are tools that companies use to commercialize their products. However, behind the purpose of selling products, advertising has serious “gendered issues”.  

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This article opened my mind to the fact that racial prejudice is something that is learned and acquired, not a natural thing.

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As I was searching for a recent news article in link with racism, I fell on an article that talked about the referendum that passed last June to separate Britain from the European Union (also known as Brexit). As a result, 52% voted to leave the union and the main reason why they voted to leave is because they wanted to see a reduction in immigration (Brian Wheeler, 2016, p. 33). The article talks about people that are part of the European Union and live in Britain, are being discriminated since the referendum.

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