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Domestic violence against men has been starting to be discussed on a broad level in the last years. The research on the subject is still meagre but conscience is slowly rising. Men as victims are starting to get noticed and women are said to adapt their violence behaviour to men because societal roles are changing. What portion does domestic violence against men take up and in what forms does it appear? Is the violence that men experience by their partners really the same as women’s? And what can be done about it? I will try to paint a full picture.

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Euthanasia is now a topic of practically every day conversation.  Belgium has allowed euthanasia since May of 2002, and Canada has been having the conversation about the right to die for months now.  I will be examining a Globe and Mail article discussing about Quebec becoming the first Canadian province to adopt a right to die legislation, a Dan Gardner

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On an article published last week, on March 2, 2015, untitled Alcohol-abuse risks need more attention in Canada, researchers say, CBC News summarize a research that talks about the dangers that the typical individual with a drinking problem may face. Indeed, since binge drinking is responsible for seven percent of all deaths and accidents in Canada, the authors of the research, Dr. Anne Moyer and Dr. John Finney, started to wonder if doctors are doing enough to spot and refer patients who have drinking issues.

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On February 12th, 2015, there was an article in The Gazette called “Schreindorfer in New York for experimental leukemia trial” by Charlie Fidelman. This news article told the story of Matthew Schreindorfer, a 25-year-old leukemia patient from Laval, who got moved to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York for potential life-saving experimental therapy.

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Last few months I have read a lot of quite unpleasant and critical articles and comments about my generation, the generation Y, millennials (the people born in 1980s and 1990s [1]) or in the Czech Republic also known as the “Havel’s children”, in the Czech online media (e. g. [2], [3]).

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According to an article called At-risk Montreal schools fight high dropout rates published by CBC News on December 13, 2013, dropout rates of students are the most pronounced in the East Island of Montreal mainly because of poverty. On the other hand, Danish students do not seem really affected by this issue since they are getting paid from the government to attend to school, as described by an article from journalist Rick Noack from the Washington Post posted on February 4, 2015 named Why Danish students are paid to go to college.

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Following the attacks that occurred on the 7th of January in Paris, the National Education was questioned. How can young people get to kill? Is the heart of the problem not education?

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According to the American Psychological Association, resilience corresponds to a "successful adaptation process against adversity, injuries, threats and even significant stress," In psychology, the concept of resilience is introduced in France by Boris Cyrulnik.For him, this right has its roots in childhood, and in the relationship that parents have with their children.

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Following a humanitarian trip I made last June, I discovered that schooling in Madagascar remains a major problem.It is important to know that education is not free in this country where poverty is everywhere. There are private schools and public schools but the fees at public schools, although lower they are certainly lower, remain a brake for some families.

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Autism is a relatively unknown pathology but I have personally had the opportunity to work repeatedly with children affected by this phenomenon. We find various symptoms within these individuals: difficulties to communicate and have social interactions, stereotyped and repetitive attitudes, intolerance to physical contact. Also, hypersensitivity, or on the contrary a lack of sensitivity are very common and are likely to affect all senses. This handicap makes many simple day-to-day actions very complicated to achieve.

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Feminism is a rather complex political, philosophical and social movement. Spontaneously, it is associated with the willingness of women to hold power, and ask for equal rights. But it is precisely their status in society and their particular interests that they defend, and they claim their emancipation and the abolition of discrimination against them. Last september 20th, Emma Watson, the new ambassador of the United Nations organization for women's rights, had a speech from the rostrum in New York.

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  The movie 'In the circle' tackles the issue of women's rights in Iran; one knows that the so-called second sex suffers from sexism and discrimination there: for instance, women, except students, are not allowed to travel on their own if their husbands disapprove of it or if they do not carry an ID with them. In fact, women's rights are even more limited than men's, since the simplest things, like smoking on the streets or singing in a cab are forbidden. The state, thus, seems to have an absolute control on everything.

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Hi, I'm Elodie from France. I'm studying psychology, I'm very excited about being an erasmus student in Potsdam this year! 

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