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Positive body Image gives the right to both male and female to appreciate their appearances and is content with their bodies. Whereas people who suffer from negative body image treat their appearances to not be adequate enough for society, mass media or themselves.  The three important idioms to look into body image are; public health, psychology and child/adolescent psychiatry. These three topics which will be later discussed are important to the subject of body image.    

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          Welcome to world of advertising! Where companies use sexual innuendoes, half-naked women and a few cleverly written slogans to capture the attention of consumers for a product that is camouflaged amongst all these tactics.

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Marketing is a great way of promoting and influencing trends, products and convincing buyers to buy. A specific issue can raise concern on how more and more campaigns are miss leading because of the use of  “white lies” to increase consumer spending. Some famous companies such as Fit Tea, Protein world and many more,  encourage weight loss and promote their products as perfects tools to achieve this goal. Many marketing methods of persuasion used can be easily manipulated to trick the consumer.

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